8 Best Link-Building Strategies for Businesses in 2021

2020 was… a year full of surprises and changes. Yet, something did remain the same—the significance of having quality backlinks. 
Fun fact: link building is one of the top three most important ranking factors for Google. And, as we all know, your rank influences the traffic to your website, the number of new leads received, and the size of your audience. 
So let’s get right to it. Here’s how to own 2021 and pick the best link building strategies for your website.

Link Building—What It Is and Why Do You Need It

SEO—or Search Engine Optimization—has become a buzzword when it comes to online marketing. As you can guess, link building is a big part of it.
Long story short, it means getting links from other websites and including them on your pages. This tells search engines like Google that your content is a high-quality source of information.
In order to get Google’s attention, you’ll need to establish yourself as an authority in your domain. You can always ask for help from link building professionals to find the best backlinks for you, or you can follow our recommendations on the eight best link-building strategies below.
So, how can you do this? 

Using Link Reclamation

You might be getting brand mentions online and not know about it. With the proper software, you can ask the mentioning website to link back to you.
Additionally, many web editors are willing to insert links on request. However, for some, you might need to do a little convincing. This is a great place to test your negotiation skills!

Take Advantage of Business Listings

There are plenty of online platforms that you can use here. Places like Tripadvisor, Yelp, Google My Business, or even Facebook are your best bets. Not only do you get a backlink, but these are also great places for people to find your business.
 Advantage of Business Listings
Using business listings has a great impact on local SEO, sure. But also, it gives you a more prominent position in Google Maps. This way, the people who actually need your services will have a better chance of finding your business.  

Guest Blogging and Testimonials

If you have a gift for creating content, you should consider guest blogging. Write high-quality articles and publish them on other related websites. Not only do you improve your SEO score, but you can also reach a new audience.
However, you shouldn’t write just for rating’s sake. Research the platforms well, so you know that your content will actually add value to their website. Make sure you’re relevant to their public and write on topics you’re passionate about.
Testimonials are another great asset to your business for many reasons. The most familiar testimonial is the recommendation—people are more inclined to believe another person’s opinion of you. This makes them a very powerful marketing tool.
Therefore, you can turn this to your advantage. Offer to write a testimonial for any products or services with which you’re satisfied. In return, you can ask to be allowed to include a backlink in the testimonial. Just make sure that it’s relevant and not over-promotional.

Contribute Articles to Authority Websites

There are many websites out there that are looking for quality content to publish—especially media outlets. For example, platforms such as HARO depend on people’s submissions. 
Contributing to articles can help you establish an online reputation. The signing up process is easy and intuitive. Just a couple of clicks and you gain access to a platform to write on topics that mean something to you. 
According to a link building survey, content creation was rated the best method for the over 200 SEO professionals that participated. Guest posting was the runner-up.
So, the takeaway is simple. Create amazing, informative, and high-quality content. Publish it on authoritative websites. Improve your backlink profile.
Contribute Articles to Authority Websites

Network to Build an Online Presence

You probably know that networking is an important part of owning a business. But this applies to SEO too. Knowing this, you can take advantage of opportunities that aren’t open to everyone.
Connecting to other people in your domain of activity can help you identify new places to post your backlinks.
Another thing you can do is to look for resource pages. You gain the opportunity to contribute with content, but it should also add value and be helpful to readers.

Make Use of Social Media

Social platforms are a fantastic place to promote your brand or products. Through them, you have access to a broader audience.
Such platforms are a cost-effective opportunity to increase your brand awareness. Also, there aren’t any restrictions on the type of content you can publish or on the number of entries. So you can have a robust online presence by posting relevant blog articles.
Fun fact: as of 2018, more people utilize social media as a source of industry news than TV or actual news platforms. This means that if you can pitch stories or come up with newsworthy editorials, you can get a backlink.

Take a Peek at Your Competitors

You should always keep one eye on your competitor’s backyard. It’s a good way to learn from their mistakes and stay one step ahead.
Examine how they post their links and determine if their strategy could work for you too. You can use tools like Linkody for this kind of analysis.
However, this doesn’t mean that you should just mirror whatever your competitors do. Always focus on creating relevant, high-quality content. Adding value to your audience’s life is more important than a backlink.

Utilize Outreach Opportunities

Take advantage of existing opportunities for promoting your brand through backlinks. For instance, bloggers and influencers already have an audience.
Try to find relevant people to enter into potential partnerships. You can post backlinks on their website and make yourself known to their public.
However, be careful who you go into business with. They should be people relevant to your domain, and with a good reputation. Otherwise, this can do more harm than good.

Final Thoughts

Link building is one of the most important elements that factor into the ranking of your website. Therefore, take advantage of every opportunity to improve your online presence. However, be mindful that it’s a process that will take time and patience.
No matter what strategy you choose for 2021, always have your audience in mind. Staying relevant and providing people with high-quality, useful information will prove to be more important to your business than anything else.

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