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7Nodes: Leaders in Innovation

7Nodes – A Ruby on Rails App Development House avails a wide-ranging portfolio of innovative internet based products in web and mobile purview that help small, medium and large businesses alike to meet their customer expectations without fail and on time, every time. It is their always functioning perspiratory glands and intellectual brains behind the initiative that keeps on fuelling 7Nodes in the pursuit of perfection.
The Transformation Artist
Nebu K Abraham, CEO of 7Nodes is a serial entrepreneur and tech enthusiast. He has been very curious about technology since his school days and this drove him straight away to Birla Institute of Technology International Centre – Kingdom of Bahrain to do Computer Science Engineering and thereafter to Middlesex University – United Kingdom to acquire (Hons) in Information Technology and Business Information Systems.
Soon after his studies, Nebu started working for IT companies to gain experience, while in the process, his entrepreneurial dreams were rekindled. This is when he began focus to open an IT company that eventually led him to establish 7Nodes Technology Solutions. At present, he is also the Founder, and Director of AEN Information Technology LLC a similar IT firm based in the UAE.
Spearheading and managing two companies operating in two very different economies India and UAE has taught Nebu a lot in his founding years. One of the greatest assets Nebu have gained through the years is the wealth of knowledge and insight into business dimensions. This has helped him in steering the companies through market fluctuations and brace for uncertainties.
Nebu has learned to take advantage of the luxury of the opportunity presented, and use it wisely. From here he also ventured to establish Cocoon Venture, a venture capitalist firm, dedicated to supporting startups with growth funding.
Services Propounded by 7Nodes
7Nodes is a Ruby on Rails Specialized development firm which also offers a wide range of services including Design & Development of the Web, Mobile Applications and Various Other Underlying Services like Developmental & Functional Testing, Design Review & Implementation, UI and UX features completed with SEO optimization. 7Nodes proffers a hybrid Cloud Hosting and consulting services and 24/7 maintenance services for their clients even on could platforms.
Recently, 7nodes have introduced a merchant chat application – HashMyBag, a versatile communication platform that allows physical stores to connect with their customers and share updates. This application also hosts a distinctive Buy In Chat facility that let users make purchases from their stores through chat. AirMeLive, is their another versatile talent platform that allows registered user to advertise, post videos, pictures, gifs or articles, tech inventions and showcase their unique abilities in the field of technology.
One of the latest initiatives of 7Nodes is the World Startup Expo– A 3-day conference that brings together Indian startups and world-class investors and globally establishes businessmen and corporate, all under one roof.
Uniqueness of 7Nodes
7Nodes follows a customer centric approach. For delivering a great product they make sure to fully assess their clients’ business needs, aspirations and the functional goal to be achieved by the solution. Once 7Nodes make a thorough analysis, they then move on further to design solutions that are backed by meticulous research event on the side of consumers. This enables them to design and develop products and solutions that would eventually turn out to be better than the originally proposed design.
When a client approaches 7Nodes for solutions, it’s important that they give them a solid product as anything below a great product will not sell. Moreover, client expectations are different and each has different issues to tackle. And as it is said, the true excellence of a company lies in its performance. So, 7Nodes’ team constantly works for delivering services with efficiency to their clients.
7Nodes’ Strength
The fast-paced evolution of technology and the reason why so many new solutions are being introduced in the market is the resultant of the evolving demands of customers and the ever changing needs that rise like the waves of an ocean. To tackle this, 7Nodes constantly train and evolve themselves to watch out and listen to their customers and community for a wider perspective. Changing technology is not a threat but in fact, it enables 7Nodes to customize and create disruptive solutions with higher potential. They adopt a responsive approach that enables them to use the changes for their advantage.
Future Outlook of 7Nodes
7Nodes hope to work on mobile applications, IoT and wearable technology in the near future. Probably even they want to develop their own devices. Another interesting technology that they are looking forward to experiment with is called Ambient User Experience. Moreover, 7Nodes company is also looking forward to expand their presence in India and other international markets in the segment of delivering prolific custom made technology solutions. Currently, they are having international presence in the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Europe and Japan.