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7/Apps: Exhaustively Researched, Meticulously Planned and Designed to Pixel Perfection

The mobile app market is beyond saturated. Building something unique and good is now more difficult than ever. More choices for consumers means sub-par apps can’t compete. To catch any attention, apps must be useful, intuitive, engaging, and attractive.
Unprecedented market growth has resulted in an enormous demand for developers. To remain competitive, many development shops and ad agencies have turned to foreign developers, which can lead to lower quality code and design along with inherent language and time barriers. Choosing the low-cost developer will almost always cost a client more in the long run.
7/Apps focuses on developing world-class apps and the complex systems needed to power them, solving the toughest of problems and elevating every user experience.
About 7/Apps and its Achievements
Through ideation, rapid prototyping, rigorous development and testing – 7/Apps brings truly great ideas to life. Visions they’ve engineered for clients include Clinique’s Blue Ocean app that customizes product regimes, the National Park Service’s interactive walking tour app for Gettysburg visitors, an app that identifies paper currency for the visually impaired on behalf of the U.S. Mint, and most recently, marking the first-of-its-kind React app that connects appliance owners with pre-screened repair service providers on demand for ServiceTapp.
Architect of 7/Apps
7/Apps’ blended creative, technical, and strategic vision is driven by it’s Co-founder and CEO, Juan Fernandez. Fernandez began his professional career as a graphic designer. His portfolio earned him a position with Walt Disney’s Imagineering and Animation studios, where he developed an affinity for creative technology and artistic excellence over his seven year stint. Recruited by Apple, Fernandez spent the next seven years helping grow Apple’s Enterprise Group by designing and implementing some of their largest and complex solutions for hospitality customers such as Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines, Hilton, and Starwood Hotels.
Inspired to bring his own ideas to life he left Apple to start a company where he could combine his love of design and technology to build creative enterprise apps and technology solutions for forward thinking clients.
Identifying Truly Great Ideas
Fernandez says, “To be effective in this market, you need to be able to identify the truly great ideas and work with clients that have what it takes to see their ideas through to success. You need to foster a creative environment, refine your ideas, but then execute quickly, without sacrificing quality.”
The 7/Apps team works to anticipate client needs today and years into the future. They keep up with and look ahead of rapidly evolving technologies. They build scalable support products, such as websites and back-end cloud infrastructure, in addition to their mobile app solutions. They also craft pitch decks on behalf of clients seeking funding and provide pro-forma vetting services before an app hits the marketplace.
Unique Services for Clients
The 7/Apps team puts a lot of emphasis on research, ideation, spec writing, and planning. Those components should account for 20-30 percent of the total budget for an app. Clients that haven’t budgeted for research and ideation often end up wanting major changes mid-process. The resulting expense usually adds up to more than the initial research and ideation budget. 7/Apps is also unique in that during ideation, the team goes beyond rough designs, creating production ready art, iconography and the entire app UX and prototype. Many companies start development after crude wireframes and can leave out critical details that cause development delays.
The 7/Apps team of well-rounded experts brings passion to every project and works together to develop the best possible solutions to turn early stage ideas into visionary products. They work hard to make sure their clients know their ideas never have to be limited.
Learning from Every Lesson
Because 7/Apps’ first team was too designer-heavy, they over compensated by hiring journeymen in very specific fields who couldn’t see beyond their own discipline. Those lessons helped 7/Apps to evolve into a multi-disciplinary team with broader, complementary expertise. “I consider our team to be one of the best in the industry,” says Fernandez.
It can be easy to get distracted by the breakneck speed of the industry and what trends hundreds of other developers may be jumping in on, but the team at 7/Apps works to remain focused on identifying those unique components in a client’s vision that allow for apps that stand out. They are willing to turn work away when experience tells them an app idea won’t succeed or can’t compete in a saturated market. “There’s always a way to shine, as long as you execute brilliantly on a fantastic idea – there’s little room for error. That’s why you do the research, design, plan and refine your ideas – and then refine and refine again. Then you code”, says Fernandez.
Future Goals
The 7/Apps’ team accepts projects for clients who share their vision, appreciate their value, and want to work with them. As innovators, technologists, artists, and perfectionists, they believe form and function must have equal footing to create not only apps that will succeed today, but also be relevant for years to come. They have a knack for predicting future trends in technology and they ultimately want to catapult as many great ideas into success as they have the fortune to.

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