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731 dead from Coronavirus: Deadliest 24 hours for New York

New York experienced the highest death toll on Monday, with more than 730 deaths across the state, taking the number to 5,489. At a press conference on Tuesday after two days of flattening, Gov. Andrew Cuomo revealed the sad news. The previous record for a single day was 630, which was set on Friday.
More than 138,830 COVID-19 cases are registered in the state of New York. Although new hospitalizations rose on Monday, with around 650 patients admitted, the 3-day average for admissions is small, and authorities are looking for a rise in hospitalizations, and cases are beginning to level off. Cuomo said the aggregate numbers show that social isolation works and needs to continue.
At the end of last week, the state has reported more than 500 new deaths a day. The number of reported cases that do not contain affected individuals that have not been screened is up to 139,000 statewide.
New York has suffered from the deadly pandemic of America’s coronavirus, accounting for around half the death toll in the country. According to Johns Hopkins University, COVID-19 has killed more than 11,000 people in the U.S.