6 Powerful Learning Management System Plugins for WordPress

Learning Management System (LMS) plugins refer to software, which is cloud-based, that allows for online learning on WordPress. Through the software, instructors can develop, deliver, and manage online courses or other learning content. All one needs is to download and install the plugin. The administrator controls the learners and teachers. They perform administrative roles through the dashboard.

Tools available to instructors allow them to create courses, develop a grading system, set the questions, and upload documents. Learners have access to the classes. For example, if a learner is searching for a query like how to do my paper for me, they check the directory for related courses and start learning. They can also rate the class or write reviews.

For the most extraordinary functionality of your WordPress site, here are some plugins you should have.



This is perhaps the most recommended plugin for WordPress. It houses tools that help you develop courses, protect them, and provide your subscribers with a platform for interaction to download classes and get updates. It gives you full authority. You can limit access or share entry easily. For example, at the starting level, you can provide full accessibility then restrict entry to other levels. This improves your engagement, which increases revenue. This comes with an already designed classroom mode. Therefore, you do not need to spend much time creating your online classroom. There is also a drag and drop interface, which allows you to effortlessly add topics, lessons, images, etc., to the course. Through MemberPress, you have the tools to track every student’s progress, which aids in optimizing procedures. This plugin also integrates payment options such as PayPal, which makes the purchasing process seamless.



LearnPress gives you authority as it does not come with a configuration system, which should guide you in designing. This may make the development of the courses more tasking, but you can conduct step by step changes to the site. You will only purchase the required extensions as it has a premium and non-premium version. Thus, it is the best option while looking to save on startup costs. With the paid version, you can access extra extended features that help you meet new subscribers’ requirements. Some of them are content scheduling add-on, certificates, tracking, and control tools. It is compatible with any WordPress theme, which ensures the best customer experience.



LearnDash is probably the most convenient extension to use. It features a drag and drop function that helps in effortless course development. The course builder aids in the multi-layered creation of classes and evaluations. The administrator has the option of a one-time delivery or scheduled delivery. There’s also the ability to pick between former or membership subscription payment options. Payment platforms are connected effectively. The courses always consider the subscriber’s needs. At every step, engagement remains optimized. One of the best features of LearnDash is it allows users to earn points through actions like finishing a task or a lesson. Users can use the points to unlock other courses, which motivates them to keep learning. This is a great engagement tool.



This is a powerful WordPress plugin due to the array of features it offers. It gives support for multi-level courses with categories, lessons, etc. The flexibility in course sizes is exemplary. You can create a degree-sized program or a short course. LifterLMS allows you to include multimedia lessons. Thus, you can add videos, images, and audio to your studies, which improves the subscriber’s appeal. It has features like certificates of completion, badges, and automated emails to further enhance the engagement. You can use available add-ons to access email marketing services, supervise affiliates, and blend with e-commerce connections. Additionally, you can schedule the learning content, set the course requirements, and group membership options. LifterLMS also integrates multiple payment options.

WP Courseware


WP Courseware is also a well-built extension as it has a drag and drop feature for building the course. This makes course creation very easy. One can also add course requirements and schedule courses. Through the question bank feature, it is simple to create questions for various modules. It is adaptable to small-scale and large-scale courses and has no compatibility problems. For interactive purposes, features like custom email grade books and instructor profiles come in handy. There is also the option of creating free classes, where users can have a test run. This may lure them into the full course. Payment options are flexible as users can make repeated subscriptions or pay once. However, since it does not have an in-house system of payment, payment processing is limited. Thus, for content monetization, one must merge with an e-commerce plugin that allows payments.

Sensei LMS


Sensei LMS is a creation by Automatic, who also made the WooCommerce extension and WordPress content system. Thus, it is very compatible with WordPress. However, it is the least powerful compared to all the above plugins. As much as it is easy to use, it does not offer many tools. It only has the LMS basics. To get functions like certificates, content scheduling, etc., you have to purchase add-ons. Such characteristics come in-built in other plugins. Moreover, you have to get the WooCommerce Paid courses extension to monetize your classes. WooCommerce connection is quite complex, especially for those starting. This is because you need to develop a product for every class you are willing to put up for sale and then connect it with your shop. However, if you already have a shop online that uses WooCommerce, it’s easier.


The best, most reliable plugins depend on your level of experience and your budget. MemberPress is a good option for those starting due to the ease of use. It has a variety of in-house features, making it very easy to develop your course elements. You also invest in a one-off price rather than numerous costs of add-ons. The integration it offers with payment providers is also unbeatable. LearnDash is also a good option. Apart from ease of use, consider the level of engagement that the plugins provide. How users interact with your site affects the revenue.

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