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5 Ways the Right Freight Forwarder Benefits Business Growth

Growth is something every business strives for. The more customers you reach, and the more purchases they make, the more revenue your company earns. In today’s world, unlocking opportunities for growth is much easier than it once was.

The digital transformation of the modern landscape, along with the rise of ecommerce and online shopping, means companies don’t necessarily need offices and stores located around the world to access a global audience. However, one thing you will need is the right partners.

Freight forwarders are quickly becoming a necessity for any company targeting global expansion. By 2031, the market for freight forwarding services is set to reach $285.2 billion. But how exactly does partnering with the right freight forwarder influence business growth?

What is a Freight Forwarder? The Basics

A freight forwarder is a company that acts as an intermediary between a merchant or organization sending products overseas, and the “final destination” points for those products. They specialize in working with networks of carriers and partners to move cargo around the world.

While freight forwarders don’t ship your products themselves, they’re a crucial resource in ensuring your business can access the right routes, shipping rates, and data, no matter your company’s size.

Working with a freight forwarder means you can sidestep the complexities of shipping goods to warehouses and locations around the world yourself, and even save a significant amount of money. Here are the top benefits of working with a freight forwarder you trust.

Save Money with their Carrier Partners

Shipping products overseas can be expensive, particularly when you’re working with carriers and logistics companies directly. A freight forwarder helps to minimize these costs, by allowing your company to take advantage of the relationships your forwarder has built with a network of partners.

Freight forwarders cultivate huge networks of carrier partners, operating in various regions around the world. The relationships they have with these suppliers allow them to access priority shipping rates and excellent deals on FCL, LCL, and other forms of container shipping.

An online freight forwarder, or digital freight forwarder, can even help you to pinpoint the best route and supplier for your budget in real-time. They grant you access to a platform where you can see up-to-date quotes on shipping options, and make intelligent decisions for your logistics needs.

Navigate Complex Documentation

Dealing with documentation is one of the most complicated parts of the global shipping process. If you’re trying to expand overseas into different regions and territories, you’ll need to ensure you have the right documents in place to bypass customs checks and regulations.

Insufficient or flawed documentation can lead to lengthy delays, or even prevent your shipment from reaching its intended location at all. A good freight forwarder can ensure you know which documents need to be prepared prior to a shipment, and help you fill out the right forms.

Some leading freight forwarding companies can offer step-by-step assistance to ensure you fill out all of the proper paperwork for each shipment, from the bill of lading to pro forma invoices, customs packing lists, and a bill of services rendered. Some companies can even assess your documents for you, to ensure you’ve included all of the right details.

Optimize Routes and Delivery Options

As mentioned above, one of the biggest benefits of working with freight forwarders is that you’ll gain access to a wide network of experts and connections that can enhance your logistics operations. A good freight forwarder won’t just help you to save money on your shipping rates, they’ll also ensure you can access the right routes and shipping solutions for your specific needs.

Reliable forwarders can give you access to a range of different freight carriers for sea, air, and land transportation. They can help you pinpoint which routes make the most sense for your products, based on your desired delivery or transit times and your budget.

Plus, reputable freight forwarders can reserve the required cargo space you need for your shipment for you, ensuring you can access options like “less than container load” LCL shipping when necessary.

Ship Safely and Securely

When you choose a freight forwarder to help you with your logistics process and expanding overseas, you get access to expertise and quality support. This is crucial to your company’s growth. After all, to gain the loyalty of your customers and preserve a flawless reputation, you’ll need to ensure your products arrive on time and undamaged.

Freight forwarders can help you choose the right containers and equipment for your cargo, and put you in touch with experts who will oversee the secure loading and unloading of your goods. Some vendors can also offer access to excellent deals on third-party insurance and coverage.

If you choose a digital freight forwarder, you may even be able to access real-time tracking tools that can show the whereabouts of your shipments at any given time. This can help you gain visibility into the reasons behind any delays, and so defend your reputation.

Enjoy Various Additional Services

Modern freight forwarders are reliant on the relationships they build not just with carriers, but with their customers too. This means they’re committed to offering an exceptional level of service, acting as a crucial partner for your business.

To separate themselves from the competition, many leading freight forwarders provide additional “value-added” services that can be extremely useful to your business. For instance, they could offer funding when you need to preserve your cash flow during difficult times, or resources and tools that help you monitor your supply chain more closely.

Some vendors can even offer door-to-door shipping solutions, which allow you to control the entire process of moving your goods from your current warehouse to a specific location overseas.

A Trusted Freight Forwarder in your Corner is Crucial 

For companies investing in growth and global expansion, few partners are more valuable than a reliable freight forwarder. With the support of the right company, businesses of all sizes can grow internationally, reach new audiences, and increase revenue, without huge outgoing costs.

The best freight forwarder will not only deliver crucial connections with carriers around the world, but they’ll also offer services to help you mitigate high shipping costs, and choose the right routes for your cargo. Plus, they can help you preserve your brand reputation, by giving you visibility into your supply chain, and offering new ways to protect your shipments.