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5 Simple Yoga Poses to Practice Daily at your Workplace

On this international yoga day, we must undertake the responsibility to spread awareness about the amazing benefits of some simple poses or Asanas that can provide great satisfaction towards the up-keep of our body.

Today, we will discuss about few of the yoga poses that can help ease your body after a draining meeting or a long conversation with a client and across various other scenarios where, work has just become cumbersome. So, let’s talk about relieving some stress shall we? Corporate yoga sessions are a great way to reduce stress levels and improve overall health and wellness in the workplace. Yoga helps to reduce stress levels by providing a physical and mental outlet for employees to exercise and relax. Yoga can also create a sense of community and camaraderie among coworkers by providing opportunities to practice and learn together. Corporate yoga sessions can be tailored to different levels of ability and can be used to promote physical activity, increase flexibility and strength, reduce stress, and improve mental clarity. Not only can corporate yoga sessions help create a more relaxed atmosphere in the workplace, but they can also help increase productivity and focus. Employees who practice yoga can feel more energized and motivated to complete tasks, as well as have better concentration and focus. Corporate yoga sessions are also a great way to promote team building and collaboration among coworkers. By practicing yoga together, team members can create stronger relationships and develop better communication skills.

  1. Seated Crescent Moon Pose:

When your side body is on the verge of collapsing after being hunched over a computer for hours, just do the seated crescent moon pose which fixes neck and shoulder discomfort. It helps you to return to your seat with a flexible spine, a clear head and a laser sharp focus.

  1. Fingers and Wrist Stretches:

After a long session of typing on the keyboard and constant muscle cramps here and there, you can try these stretches every two hours to relax the pain and get into the game again. Through the wrists, draw five to ten circles inward and outward by extending the arms to the sides or over the head. After that, instantly spread the fingers and close the fists. Put this activity on loop for five to ten times and get rid of that extra tension off your wrist.
Then, set your hands on the desk while the palms facing up and fingers towards you and put a gentle pressure to counter-stretch the forearm and the wrist. Moreover, you can also stretch each arm out while bending the wrist inward and then outward counter-stretching with your other hand. Keep in mind to hold each side for up to five to ten breaths.

  1. Sit and Stand Chair Pose:

It becomes very hard to get back up from a seated position when we work tirelessly by sitting in the same position for a longer period of time. We rely on our upper back or the neck for the strength to help us get back up in a standing position. The below mentioned two-part pose helps in awakening the leg muscles – Start with being seated on your knees bent ninety degrees and your feet flat.
Now, while yoga trying not to move the feet inwards your chair or using your arms, press down from your heels and make your way up towards the standing position. After standing, slowly sit back down. Try this while refraining from leaning forward or from transitioning the hips to one side or the other. Keep repeating this procedure for at least five to ten times.

  1. Chair Pigeon Pose:

It is a simple yoga pose where while being seated in your chair with both feet flat on the floor, you need to cross your right leg over the left at a ninety-degree angle. Stay with the leg flexed while not putting any pressure on the knee and maintain equal weight distributed amongst the sitting bones. Stay in upright seating position. You would be feeling gentle to moderate stretch on the external part of the right thigh. Remain in the position for five to ten breaths then change sides alternatively.

  1. Desk Chaturanga:

The name suggests nothing but a form of yoga push-ups that can be done with the help of your desk. This particular move helps in easing the neck strains while energizing the arms which normally go soft after all the day’s work. You have to get up from your chair for this one! To do this yoga, you need to rest your hands with about shoulder width distance on the edge of your desk while stepping your feet back and get your torso in a diagonal line to the floor. With your feet firmly placed in the ground, take a deep breath and start bending the elbows to a ninety-degree angle. Try hugging the elbows in towards the ribs. Now, exhale and press the chest back up to the initial position. Continue to the same process for eight to twelve times.

These few easy yoga asanas can make your work-time more vibrant and stress-free if you can just put a few minutes aside and regularly perform the above mentioned exercises. If you take some deep breaths, stretch tight muscles, and clear your mind with these yoga poses, your body will be having utmost gratitude for your efforts and the care you have shown to it by automatically becoming productive at work.

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