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Five Industries Dominated By Women

The current scenario of the job market has changed and the women’s work participation has increased from the past few years. Today, women have left their mark on each and every industry and excel in all the fields. Moreover, women are taking over jobs that were previously reserved for only men and performing these jobs even better as well as getting higher pay. But, there are some areas and industries which are dominated by the women.
Health Care and Social Sector
Women have caring nature and used to take care of their families. Research shows that women are better at talking or counseling to others and taking care of people in need. In the health sector, women work force ratio is higher and they play a different role in this industry. They work as a community health worker, child care provider, home health care provider, Health expert and more. Likewise, we can see more women in social sector playing different roles in hospitals, schools, human service agencies, private practices and among others.
Education Sector
Teaching field has always been dominated by females. From earlier times, women held leadership positions in the education sector. Recent studies show that the numbers of male candidates in this sector are increasing but still in this field more than 75% are female employees. Women have made notable accomplishments in the field of education. They are contributing towards the upliftment of the education system with extreme dedication.
Non-profit Sector
There are some major issues like lack of access to education, health care services, and food in the world. Today, women are coming with incredible non-profit organizations with new ideas to solve these issues. These women serve thousands of the community and creating widespread impact on society. In the non-profit sector, more than 75% of all workers and volunteers are women. Women are giving their time, money and effort to build these organizations and achieving significant change.
Human Resource
In the corporate world, the numbers of female workers are rising that signifies the actual meaning of women empowerment. In each and every department i.e., Sales, IT, Finance, Marketing, we can see the presence of female employees. But the human resource is one department which is dominated by the women. Research says that more than 60% HR job positions across various industries are held by the women. There might be several reasons behind it; women have great people skills which is necessary for a successful HR manager. Moreover, they have effective communication skills, multitasking skills, and are more sensitive.
Customer Service
The women tend to be better customer service representatives while compared to men because they have excellent listening skills, patience, empathy, problem solving and telephonic skills. Women have some certain innate talents that make it easier for them to handle this job. According to research, women’s brains signal empathy more readily than men, which mean women can understand better to other people’s feelings and emotions.
There are several occupations where women are highly concentrated include Legal Services, Hospitality, Finance & Accounts, Marketing, PR and among others. Women have innate strengths, such as creativity, communication, and collaboration that make them highly effective in their approach to work. We can also see the presence of women at top position or leadership positions of several organizations. Most importantly, gender doesn’t define your area of interest or ability to work. But unique talent, skills and, attitude will certainly make you successful in the job or field you work.
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–   Nilam Thakkar