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5 Best Tech for a trouble free life

Best Tech for Better Life

To make life easier, we have smartphones, but even it is not enough today for a trouble free life. We need something that will save our time with useful and simple functioning. So these are the five best techs which will help you out.

  1. Fitbit: Wearable fitness tracker
    Nowadays, with a hectic schedule to check on your health you need a Tech device like Fitbit, which is a wearable fitness tracker. It is a little armband which gets connected to your smartphones and track all your vital statistics, like speed, steps and distance covered. Not just that, it also tracks your sleeping time to ensure you are getting enough sleep.
  2. Hive: Home heating Device
    When in the office you suddenly remember that your home heating device is on, you just cannot go back home and turn it off. The best way to avoid this situation is “Hive”- A home heating device. It gives you a complete control from your mobile device, saving your time and money. Hive is installed by an engineer and then will give you a reading of exactly what the temperature is inside your house and gives you the power to change it at your fingertips.
  3. Pixie: The internet of things
    Habit of forgetting? Use “Pixie”. These 4 adhesive tags can save your time and money in searching your valuable things. Just attach these tags to your keys, Tech, Phone, Wallets, etc.If your valuable thing gets lost it will transmit a signal back to the app on your phone or tablet. It will accurately search the item.
  4. Evernote: Accelerate your productivity
    Customise your life with Evernote is amazing. With the use of Evernote, You can work, store and share everything you need through all your devices. You also can chat with others you’re working with, create timelines, deadlines, and reminders to keep you on track.
  5. Uber: Taxi on demand
    This is a simple app which pinpoints your location, gives you a quote to get to your destination and you’re promptly picked up at a smart price. Now there is no need to carry money in your pocket anymore, It even links to your bank account so you don’t need cash on you to pay for the ride