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4DMapper: Democratizing Geospatial Data

Geospatial data plays an ever-increasing role in decision making and managing real world assets and processes. However, accessibility of the data has been traditionally limited to highly trained geospatial professionals, limiting its value and adoption by enterprise and the wider community.
In 2014, 4DMapper, an Australian technology company came into existence to change the way people visualize, collaborate, manage and deliver geospatial data. Its cloud-based geospatial platform makes massive amounts of geospatial data just a click away on any browser without the need for extra software or hardware.
Standing Tall and Tackling Turbulence
4DMapper’s innovative approach towards data management and visualization challenges the status quo. The 4DMapper cloud based platform allows its customers to upload geospatial data onto the cloud, visualize it in 2D, 3D and even 4D (the fourth dimension is time, a must-have for monitoring change).
Once the data is uploaded on the cloud, 4DMapper lets users manage their data in one place, making it easily accessible to their clients via a browser link. 4DMapper goes beyond data management, by offering its customers a set of efficient tools for interacting with the data in the context of their specific business workflows, making data contextually relevant to their operations.
When Two Geospatial Mavericks Came Together
4DMapper was founded by two Geospatial mavericks Adam Chabok and Rob Klau. Back in 2013, they came together in the drone sector, where Rob operated a UAV mapping company with a drone from the company where Adam worked as senior developer. While working, both of them had independently seen the gap and the difficulty in accessing and mapping customers’ data.
Rob built his career as a surveying professional on projects around the world, including large control networks, engineering, exploration and several mapping projects. Throughout his career, he developed resourcefulness and innovation to provide creative solutions. Rob’s significant industry experience applies in very practical ways to a broad cross section of verticals in mapping and engineering.
Adam brings the wealth of academic and industry expertise with him. Both Rob and Adam have degrees in surveying, however Adam also has a Masters in Photogrammetry and PhD in Remote Sensing. He also owned a satellite imagery company, and contributed to leading photogrammetry products and lead hardware & software development teams in both manned and un-manned aerial mapping products.
A Platform that Enables Users to Visualize, Share and Collaborate in 3D
4DMapper is all about democratizing Geospatial, a platform that enables users to visualize, share, and collaborate in 3D. It’s not just an end-to-end solution but a non-prescriptive environment that adds value in all aspects of geospatial data acquisition, analysis and consumption. Nowadays, end users have access to data like never before. Different industry verticals now use geospatial data as a valuable part of their processes, particularly with 3D models bringing the real world to their desktops.
Verticals such as insurance, asset inspection, government, and agriculture are adopting geospatial and need to have fast and easy access to this resource with tailored workflows to add to their productivity. With the addition of the collaboration feature, this becomes even more valuable. All this without using any desktop software or high-end hardware requirements, just a web browser.
Future of GIS Solutions Industry and 4DMapper
The company believes GIS industry is moving quickly and 4DMapper is at the heart of it. The explosive growth will continue. Currently, the industry is experiencing the “data deluge” with incredible developments in hardware for rapid data acquisition.
However, the problem is access to this wealth of data. Traditionally, this would mean powerful computers to run expensive software, with data on a hard drive in the mail. The key to unlocking the value of the data deluge is making it accessible to those that need it, immediately accessible, without any software. Physical delivery of huge data is a thing of the past. This is where GIS is heading, to truly leverage the power of the cloud, taking away any requirements for local software or hardware, making any data fast and immediately accessible, to anyone.
4DMapper is a prominent player in Geospatial. Industry verticals are the primary focus for 4DMapper, seeing where it adds value with final deliverables, bringing geospatial data and data derived from it to the people who need it. Currently, the company is working on building the ecosystem by empowering its software and services partners with fast 3D visualization, making their products work well on the cloud and providing more functionality to end users. The company will continue to grow its ecosystem by connecting to more software and services, offering win-win solutions for everyone.
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