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3 ways to streamline your recruitment process

Recruitment is one of the most crucial – and most difficult – challenges of business

Good staff are hard to find and even harder to hang on to. So, finding the right person to join your team, who has the skills to succeed and the drive to stick around even when the going gets tough, can be a lengthy and expensive process.

When it comes to hiring, efficiency is key to keeping costs down and finding the right candidate the first time around. With that in mind, these are just three tips to help your company streamline its approach to recruitment and make the process as painless as possible.

  1. Know what you’re looking for

It may sound obvious, but it’s the first hurdle many companies fall at. You’ve hired a candidate with a great skill set, but their role would be so much more efficient if they were trained in this particular process or experienced with that particular software.

Whatever it is that might make that employee an even more valuable asset, it’s great if you can train them, but even better if they can bring it to the table from day one

When hiring to replace an outgoing employee, don’t just assume the job description for the newcomer should be identical to that of the leaver. Instead, review the role and see what additional skills might improve your company’s performance overall. This will give you a clearer picture of the type of candidate you’re after and will create criteria that help you find the best fit for your team.

  1. Digitise

In the 21st century, there’s a temptation to digitise just about everything – and a service that will help you do it.

And while sometimes nothing can beat the old-fashioned pen and paper approach, the unstoppable march of technological progress has undeniably brought with it a number of advances.

Applicant tracking services that help you pre-screen candidates and filter the best of the best from the beginning will make the next steps easier. Oleeo is a recruitment expert with a range of services designed to make the process run like clockwork by tailoring your application forms to seek out a higher quality of candidates.

  1. Employee welfare

You may not think it has much to do with recruitment.

But in reality, it’s a no-brainer – the less you have to recruit, the fewer resources go into the process. Besides, after spending so long investing in your team, you want to reap the rewards of their growth and development.

That’s why you should make an effort to reward your staff for their hard work and company loyalty. Ensure they are offered adequate opportunities for growth, as well as the support to perform in their roles and manage workloads.

Employee welfare is also important in the recruitment process, as company benefits, such as a workplace pension and employee assistance programmes like Health Assured, can be the make-or-break factor in snagging the perfect candidate. The more appealing the benefits of the role you’re offering, the better.

Want to streamline your recruitment process and secure your team? These are just three tips to help your hiring journey.