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3 Ways To Improve Your Omnichannel Customer Experience

Omnichannel Customer Experience

Technology is evolving at a rapid pace – even from what it was a year ago.
As a marketer or business owner who is reliant on having solid marketing strategies in place to reach your target audience and connect with them in a way that makes them feel valued and understood, it’s important that you’re able to keep up the pace.
People are more savvy to marketing than they’ve ever been, and they’re looking to feel like the only person you’re talking to. They want a fully personalised, integrated and seamless experience.
One that shows you understand their lifestyle, their needs and their desires.
So, if you’re looking to improve your omnichannel customer experience, then here are a few inside tips to help you get started:

Create A Personal Omnichannel Customer Experience

Your customers want to feel special and valued. Even though they logically understand that they’re not your only person receiving any marketing from you, they certainly want to feel that way – so start thinking about the different ways you can achieve that.
Depending on your business, your personalised omnichannel marketing experience will look different, but can include things like personalised product recommendations and tips, money-off coupons for special occasions such as their birthday, or even just simply personalising things like your emails and other correspondence with them.
Truly, the small things often go a long way.
Since it can be difficult to fully understand what people want – especially when you’re just starting out in business, one of the best things you can do is create a solid plan for market research.
This will allow you to create things like surveys and even build full survey panels to gain deeper insights into what your customers are really struggling with, what they’re prepared to buy, and what you can build in order to best serve them.
Many business owners shy away from doing this kind of market research because they see the value in their offers, but if you want to create a truly personal experience, then this component is crucial to better understanding your customer and perhaps learning things about them that you didn’t already know.
When looking at the different ways to improve your customer experience, getting personal with your customers is really the main place to start, since this is how you build relationships with people that keep them coming back.
Make the effort to get so in tune with your customer and create an incredible customer experience that from the moment people visit your website or find you on social media, they have they feel like you’re inside their head and completely understand them.
Starting from the moment they first find you, regardless of whether they’re using the desktop site, their phone, or even your app if you have one, helping them have this seamless and personlised experience will quickly build trust that leads to them being drawn further into your world and the ways you can help them.
People want to feel like they matter and that their experience should be unique and special. So, whether you’re selling garden furniture or high-end destination weddings, this is something that the best companies understand fully and what allows them to create an omnichannel customer experience for each person who comes into their world.

Be Accessible

As you know, the internet never sleeps. Just as one side of the world is going to sleep, the other is waking and ready to start their day, and if you run a business with an online presence then making sure you’re accommodating all corners of the globe is crucial.
When it comes to your omnichannel customer experience, one of the ways you should be doing this is by making sure you’re accessible.
Thanks to technology, this doesn’t mean working around the clock to be available on every timezone. You can implement systems and tools that will help you be there for your customers even when you’re not.
You can improve your experience and be more accessible through things like live chat, and you can either hire agents to work remotely on different time zones to provide top customer service when you’re not online.
Even if you’re not at the stage where you’re ready to hire people for this, you can set up automatic replies so that you’re letting people know you’ll get back to them.
Customer service is still at the forefront of every great business, so creating a truly memorable omnichannel customer experience will really help set you apart and keep you front of mind with customers.

Make Sure The Experience Is Responsive:

To have a completely integrated omnichannel customer experience, one of the main things you need to make sure you focus on is where and how your customers are viewing your content.
For example, are most of your sales coming from the website or an app? Also, which devices are people using in order to buy?
Long gone are the days when everyone used a desktop to browse the internet, and since the continued evolution of smartphones and tablets, most people are using these to directly purchase things from sites like Amazon and other online retail giants.
Amazon is a great example of a responsive omnichannel customer experience as their website is fully responsive on both desktop and mobile devices of any size. Plus, they have the app which makes shopping from your phone or tablet on the go a complete breeze.
When having your website designed, making sure it’s fully responsive across the different devices that people will be using to browse and make purchases, as a clunky website that cuts off parts when people are viewing it is not a good experience for your customers and this has shown to significantly lower sales.
We hope that you found this post to be useful as you start looking at the different ways you can improve your omnichannel marketing and customer experience.

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