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3 Mistakes Young Entrepreneurs Make When Choosing an SEO Company

Young entrepreneurs have taken over the business landscape. Around the world, at least one in every four young people has become an entrepreneur. Similarly, 39% of Canadians (between 18 and 34) want to seek self-employment for autonomy and financial security.

While these individuals come with immense innovative ideas, they’re mostly unaware of how the various industries work. For instance, young founders with little marketing industry knowledge will find it difficult to choose a company specializing in search engine optimization (SEO).

Their inexperience can lead them to make mistakes, and pitfalls are bound to arise during the selection process. Examples include improper consideration, bad decision-making, and a lack of research. All these can eventually be detrimental to their new business.

In this blog post, we’ll discuss three mistakes young entrepreneurs should avoid when choosing SEO companies.

#1. Prioritizing Costs Over Quality

Based on an article by Walden University, a small business’s most difficult challenge is a lack of funding. Young entrepreneurs will have cash flow problems during the initial years. That’s why most of them prioritize cost over quality. For instance, these founders might end up hiring an SEO company with little knowledge if they charge less.

However, this can become a huge issue in the long run. The first few years are extremely important for small businesses run by young entrepreneurs. During this time, they must invest a lot in establishing brand value and online visibility through SEO and other marketing tactics.

Young entrepreneurs need to perform better budgeting and keep aside a reasonable amount for marketing efforts. They can also apply for government or private funding options to keep borrowed funds aside for other business operations and focus on good-quality SEO. One good example would be Canada’s Small Business Financing Program.

This way, they don’t have to compromise the results by focusing on the costs. On average, most businesses in the world pay a monthly fee between USD 500 and USD 1,500 for SEO services. Investing in an experienced and reputable SEO provider will surely entail higher upfront costs. However, this investment will deliver meaningful returns and results for long-term business growth.

#2. Not Choosing a Local Company

Reports suggest that most small businesses fail to use local SEO tactics to build an online presence. Similarly, young entrepreneurs often forget the power of the local market in hopes of promoting their business to a larger audience. They must remember that every company started small, and local audiences can become loyal customers for years.

To build a regional presence and generate targeted web traffic, young professionals need local SEO. Almost half of Google queries have local intent and account for 92% of all online searches in Canada.

Let’s say the young entrepreneur is based in Vancouver. As of February 2023, the city had 85,094 operational businesses. To stand out in this competition and establish brand authority, young entrepreneurs need a well-reputed SEO company in Vancouver. Collaborating with local experts will help these individuals rise above the competition, expand their business, and capture the audience.

According to OptiRank SEO Agency, local SEO specialists can ensure business growth by boosting search rankings in the area. They’ll perform local keyword research, on-page optimization, and create a Google Business Profile for the young founder. Off-page SEO tactics like local directory listings can also help the brand’s online presence in the area.

#3. Neglecting Proper Research

Industry leaders believe everyone should choose an SEO company only after proper research and analysis. Unfortunately, young entrepreneurs feel that they don’t have enough time to review everything critically. These individuals usually won’t have the skills to perform market research, go through case studies, collect stakeholder information, and more.

Hence, they’ll need proper time management skills and assistance to avoid rushing into partnerships and wasting resources on minimal outcomes. With due diligence and proper research, young founders can find SEO companies that properly suit their business objectives. They also get to scrutinize the company based on client testimonials, performance, and reputation.

Young professionals can review the strategies the SEO firms employ to avoid engaging in outdated practices. Doing so can help them understand what companies are utilizing black-hat techniques. If they partner with a company that uses unethical campaigns, this can eventually harm their website rankings.

In the end, young entrepreneurs must take the time to conduct comprehensive research on the shortlisted SEO companies. This way, they can make informed decisions and collaborate with professionals who can drive sustainable growth.

In summary, young entrepreneurs can learn from the common mistakes mentioned in this article. Examples include not prioritizing quality, avoiding research, and not choosing a local company. These professionals must recognize and avoid such errors when choosing SEO companies.

Reports suggest that most of the online traffic comes from search engines. Hence, the SEO partner they choose can either help the business grow or lead to bankruptcy.

Working diligently to mitigate these issues will help young founders position themselves for success in their respective industries. This way, the SEO company can help enhance online visibility and drive organic traffic.