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3 Common Mistakes with Home Offices to Avoid for Beginners

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Do you find yourself working from home, either by choice or necessity?
You’re not alone: Approximately 3.6 percent of the American workforce is currently telecommuting. Working from home is at an increase due to the pandemic. This upward trend is projected to continue beyond COVID19 concerns.
With this in mind, you’re probably wondering: Is my work-from-home setup functional? Designing a home office is not rocket science, but there are several pitfalls you should steer clear of for better productivity and work satisfaction. Read on about the five common mistakes with home offices you should avoid at all cost.
1. Bad Lighting
Nothing can give you quite the headache like trying to work in bad lighting all day. Since you’ll be spending at least several hours a day in your office, make sure that your lighting is easy on the eyes.
Most importantly, find a room in your home that gets ample natural light. This is your ideal office space, assuming it isn’t a mixed-use area like your living room.
Supplement the natural lighting with strategically placed office lighting. Install a tasteful overhead lamp and perhaps a couple of desk lamps. Make sure that your lighting is video-friendly. You’ll be joining in on countless virtual conference calls from this space, after all.
2. Setting Up Shop In a Common Area
The image of a mompreneur starting her humble business from her kitchen table sure seems intriguing. But it’s not an image you want to replicate. For maximum functionality and productivity, your office space needs to be just that — A dedicated office.
Set up shop in a spare room that doesn’t see much use. Your new home office should have a door (preferably one that locks), and it should be set apart from the rest of your home. You want your bustling family life to be out of earshot of your work environment. Not only does a dedicated home office space make you look and feel more professional, but it will also help you adopt a better work/life balance and get rid of the most common work distractions.
3. Lack of Ergonomic Furniture
Are you craning your neck while looking at the computer screen?
Are you sitting on pins and needles thanks to an uncomfortable office chair you picked up for a few bucks at a garage sale?
Dump the uncomfortable furniture from your workspace. You deserve a home office that’s ergonomically correct.
Look for ergonomic products ranging from an office chair that provides lumbar support to a desk that helps you adopt better posture. Ergonomic furniture is designed to make your work environment more comfortable and therefore more efficient.
If you’re bold and restless, you can branch away from traditional office furniture and build a work station that forces you to move. A sedentary job can shorten your life by about two years.
If you want to move more during work, opt for a ball chair for a more creative and exercise-friendly office setting. Additionally, today’s options for desks are versatile; you can even buy a standing desk or one that is attached to a stationary bike.
Beyond Mistakes With Home Offices
Which mistakes with home offices have you already made?
It’s not too late to undo your error and change your setup.
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