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24 World: Delivering Standards and Improving Success Ratio in Mobile Application Development

Mobile Application Development has reached its zenith and this trend will continue in years to come as technology becomes further portable and itinerant. The amount of work being developed and produced from South Asia is another factor of importance as most of this is the backbone of front end technology used in the West and developed world. However the region should take a fresh approach and become leaders in content categories and outputs for local consumers as there are huge numbers for consumption. One such company named 24 World has some creatively crafted bunch of geeks with diversified background in advertising, broadcast media, technology, and trend-watching.
Their Insightful Business Journey
Being digital means more than just being online. In today’s expanding world, mobile adaptability works in conjunction with a complete web presence and is crucial to achieve basic business objectives. At 24 World they are committed to deliver these standards with the aim of improving success ratios for each of their clients.
24 World was launched with a clear vision of providing clients with articulated solutions moving onto technology platforms. The availability of communication and its presence on digital platforms formed a core component of their business strategy. Clients with access to modern forms of technology tools always tend to be superior in strength to business outputs and processes. The firm was vital in developing Pakistan’s first Sporting Publisher network earlier in 2015. The portal ( has a supportive print edition and is focused on establishing a genuine publishing and editorial community for its audiences.
Distinguished Services that are taking it to new High
The firm focuses on all development solutions from Mobile, Web, ERP, integration and analytical results. They also emphasis plenty on creative outlay in form of User Interface and User Experience as that defines the scope of engagement from a customer perspective. The firm also offers other nice service solutions such as Digital Marketing and Content Distribution.
Partners of 24 World Benefiting the Foremost Services
Clients are engaging in their respective segments with focused results as they provide not only delivery of software but also go hand in hand with knowledge transfer, back end support and training including regular feedback on up gradation on technology. Where needed they add in extra functional requirements away from core component of development and push for effective and timely results.
Most of their clients are on the financial sector side and their work on mobile application and connectivity with their customers, sales staff and lead generation has enabled calculated results and learning to follow on with business process mapping.
Golden Achievements
24 World was part of the Pakistan Web Awards held for the first time in 2011 and the Karachi Advertising Festival in 2010, 2011 and 2013. 24 World was recognized in 2016 as one of the leading top 25 Mobile development solutions agency in Asia Pacific. At the Pakistan Digi Awards held in 2017 the firm received the ‘Best Emerging Technology’ category award.
From an execution perspective the first Life Insurance Mobile application in Pakistan was developed and launched in 2014 by 24 World. In the banking sector the first complete mobile application with payment processing was initiated and launched for United Bank Limited in 2013 by their agency.
The Torchbearer of 24 World
Muhammad S Rahimtoola is the Founder and Director of 24 World. It was his vision that enabled the agency to stand aside from being just a service provider or solutions oriented firm and instead take the lead in enabling more communication and need centric outputs for projects and clients alike. The vision is still to take further steps and align creative based solutions and products general consumption by users.
The Traits Made 24 World an Established Player
Effective communication skills followed by knowledge depth of industry and surrounding environment – without facts and understanding of market and output no agency can deliver desired and focused results. The transformation of data from desktop to mobile devices enabled them to work toward maximizing solutions towards application development in the concerned sector. The shift in paradigm towards portable consumer technology enabled the organization to experiment on all sorts of possibilities for the coming market.
Future Lane
24 World has clear plans to establish itself further in the adapting technology market with specific focus to develop products catered to formulate niche market accessibility. The firm’s objective is to be a bridge for the consumer with the virtual world.
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