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16 Startups To Watch In 2020

We all cherish those rags to riches stories but seldom do we dive into how and where they start from. Business startups, irrespective of their domains, are nothing but the same. So to ignite that little spark of compassion to make something of your own, here are the best startups to watch in 2020. Have a look at their amazing ideas, services, and products.

1. Dave

16 Startups To Watch In 2020 - Dave
Dave is a fintech startup with a twist and headquarters in LA. They have reinvented the banking process with offers like interest-free cash advances, un-bounceable checks. The startup was inspired by the frustration of three friends from the old school banking system. With Dave, they capitalized on the low customer experience and customer loyalty towards existing banks and added a new dimension that could define future banks.

2. Airtable

16 Startups To Watch In 2020 - Airtable
San Francisco’s Airtable strives to turn software creation into a creative medium, not just a process. This $1 billion software startup has the tagline – A spreadsheet with the power of a database. And true that! They created a spreadsheet with the power of a database that forces delays, instead of rushing up. Their unique concept can come in handy for all kinds of saas platform development. And with top investors in the kitty, they genuinely have that potential.

3. Newfront Insurance

16 Startups To Watch In 2020 - Newfront Insurance
Yes, Insurance, butting nothing like the old school ones. Newfront is leveraging machine learning technology to make things simple and fast. They have especially streamlined the buying and selling process for both clients and brokers. Not surprising that this California startup is fast emerging as a leading insurance brokerage firm in the states.

4. Opencare

16 Startups To Watch In 2020 - Opencare
Opencare is on a mission of promoting prevention is better than curing ideology. Currently, the startup focuses on dental care and connects patients to the best dental advice and care. It allows for natural reviews and recommendation processes so that it doesn’t add to the patient’s pain. From finding a dentist to getting out of the clinic, they see all of it.

5. Samsara

16 Startups To Watch In 2020 - Samsara
You might have been waiting for an IoT startup to show up in the list, and here it is. Samsara employs IoT to level up different hardware and software for real-time operations. As a result, loads of industries, from video editors and transportation to food delivery, can benefit from Samsara’s support.

6. Superhuman

16 Startups To Watch In 2020 - Superhuman
Superhuman is a San Francisco based startup that deals with lightning-fast emails. And it is nothing like your usual inbox. It is power-packed with many advanced features like undo send and AI Triage. Besides, follow-ups, reminders, message scheduling, read labels, and many more features enhance daily productivity.

7. The Wing

16 Startups To Watch In 2020 - The Wing
The WIng is a chain of coworking spaces designed only for the women entrepreneurs. Like most women-centric movements, it aims to allow social, economic, and cultural empowerment of women. However, the way it brings together a collection of ideas and opportunities in a safe environment, we all love it. It is truly worth appreciating the efforts. The profit sheets say the same.

8. Solidia

16 Startups To Watch In 2020 - Solidia
You might not be aware, but Cement production is a significant cause of greenhouse gas emissions. But Solidia knew, and they made a difference. This New Jersey-based startup came up with a new patented process that replaces limestone with a synthetic material. And the entire production process consumes less than 70% carbon footprint than traditional ones. Besides, the cement they produce absorbs CO2, while hardening.

9. Dandelion

16 Startups To Watch In 2020 - Dandelion
Digital advertisements are replete with many ifs and buts that even a seasoned employee may scratch his head. The Silicon Valley startup, Dandelion, untangles the complexities of digital advertising of the day. Their novel technology leverages existing content and technology to create automated ads that are ready to race on social platforms.

10. Poshmark

16 Startups To Watch In 2020 - Poshmark
Not all startups are built to deliver opportunities at the doorsteps of users. But Poshmark allows all the women out there to buy, sell, or share fashion apparel and accessories. It already has millions of users who are either earning a living or great style statements. To put numbers, over millions’ worth of catalog is loaded to Poshmark almost daily.

11. Afresh

16 Startups To Watch In 2020 - Afresh
San Francisco based Afresh comes as a fresh start for the grocery chains looking to cut down their food wastage. Its software makes the most of artificial intelligence and smart algorithms that manage their food inventories like a pro. Within four years, the clients of the startup report that the Afresh App helped them cut half of their food wastage.

12. MessageBird

16 Startups To Watch In 2020 - MessageBird
According to GetVoIP, businesses use remote call forwarding as one of the most common mediums to stay connected. But Message Bird is a cloud communication platform that thinks that customer communication is over complicated. With all possible modes, like SMS, Chat, and Voice APIs, Message Bird is reducing the send times from hours to minutes.

13. Calm

16 Startups To Watch In 2020 -Calm
With all the clamor of the technically advanced world, Calm allows users to steal some peace of mind. It has been ranked number one among meditation and sleep applications on App Stores. And also featured among Editor’s Choice in 2018. And surely there’s a reason that it is called the happiest app in the world.

14. Shape Therapeutics

16 Startups To Watch In 2020 - Shape Therapeutics
Shape Therapeutics is a Seattle based startup that engages in Human RNA technologies to curb diseases. The startup is based on the research of Prashant Mali, a UC-San Diego bioengineering professor. And has already garnered $35.5 million in funds in round one. The main highlight is the fact that its techniques are said to be much more precise than the Crispr-Cas9, used globally.

15. LeadIQ

16 Startups To Watch In 2020 - LeadIQ
While we all thought that customer acquisition tools are the next big thing, LeadIQ has already done its magic. Their software lies on the pillars of sales intelligence, blockchains, productivity, and much more. Besides, LeadIQ combines human intelligence and data science for client acquisition. The startup already has offices in San Francisco, New Hampshire, and Singapore.

16. Landingi

16 Startups To Watch In 2020 - Landingi
It’s a landing page builder for non-programmers. It has an intuitive drag and drop editor, that allows to customize each element of your landing page. Thus, to create, publish, optimize your landing pages and run A/B tests by yourself there is no need in additional expertise.
Whether you are a job seeker or job maker, each of these startups tells an exciting story. We encourage you to explore more about how they came up with their unique ideas and products. Besides, their way through funding, and getting the word out is equally knowledgeable. Till then, keep a tab on these amazing startups, as they are set to soar to new heights in 2020.

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