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10 Ways to Build a Better Brand Identity for Your Business

Building an identity for your brand is an absolute necessity, and this is not just for big businesses alone, but also for the small brands as well. Branding helps to define what your business really is to your prospects, clients and external audiences, and even to yourself as the business owner and members of your team as well. Your brand identity is what people see and know about your bra-nd. This is the reputation that your business carries, and it embodies the core values of your business.

Building a solid brand identity for your business helps you to stand out amongst your competitors, irrespective of whether you are a small business or a big company. For a bra-nd to be successful in the current market, it has to be consistent with its customer experience and communication across various applications such as;

• Website and online advertisement or digital marketing
• Sales, and customer service
• Environment (office or storefront)
• Content publishing
• Packaging, signage, and print collateral

Although building an identity for your bra-nd does not happen overnight, it might tale month or even years of hard work and effort, the time and effort is definitely worth it in the end. As it will result in the establishment of relationships that will last a long while with your customers. This will consequently lead to a consistent increase in advocacy for the service or product you provide, word-of-mouth referral, sales, and more projects.

Building a brand identity for your business is about the use of marketing campaigns and strategies to create awareness for your business and the product or service that you offer with the aim of building a lasting and unique image of your business in the market. In today’s world, there are different effective ways to use digital marketing to amplify your brand. Some of these are;

• Social media marketing
• SEO and content marketing
• Your website’s user experience
• Paid advertising or paid campaigns
• Email marketing

All of these channels when used properly can rapidly increase your brand awareness and growth, while giving the audience the identity that you want for your brand.

While there might be different ideas flying through your head on the different ways to build and promote your brand identity, here are 10 of the best ways to build your brand a solid identity.

1. Be unique and stand out

With the large number of people into different businesses today, and the level of competition in the market, it is perhaps difficult to be unique. But the truth is, if you are going to attract more investors and customers to your business, you must offer them something that other business do not. You must have a genuine service that you are offering. Make people think about the service or product you are offering. It gives you a very different identity from others in the market, making it easy for others to identify and promote your brand.

2. Have a solid logo

There is a high chance that you are not even paying much attention to this because it does not look or sound like a multi-million marketing technique. But it is equally very important. Your logo is a representation of your brand. Creating a logo that stands out, and is easily identifiable will go a long way to promote the identity of your brand. As soon as you realize what your product or service is, creating a befitting name and corresponding logo should be next. There is a lot of powers in visuals nowadays. So, you would not want to joke with something that make your business/brand identifiable from a host of others.

3. Know who your ideal customer is

Your ideal customers are your target audience. Once you figure out what you are offering, the next question is, who are you offering this? Or who needs this? Once you can sort this set of people out, then you know how to structure your marketing campaign so that it targets this set of people.
Other questions you can ask yourself are;
• What will they use this for?
• How long will they need it?
Questions like these help you to map out your short term and long-term plans, so, you are able to market appropriately and maximize your profit.

4. Make your customers advertise your brand for you

There is such a thing as satisfied customers and customer’s satisfaction. This is something that you absolutely cannot joke with because satisfied customers are not just buyers, they are brand representatives.
With this in mind, then you understand that a good customer rapport and an excellent customer service is extremely crucial to having satisfied customers as a hallmark of your brand identity. What is also important is to ensure that your product or service fulfills the desire of the customer and does exactly what you say it would do. Also, there are other ways to entice your customers and keep them happy. Examples are loyalty programs, special discounts, etc. make sure each customer feel recognized and watch them preach the gospel of your brand.

5. Have a benchmark of quality

This is non-negotiable for you if you want to build a solid identity for your brand and be successful. Make sure that whatever product or service you offer is borne out of quality, and you are able to stand behind and identify with your product with utmost pride. Ensure that the quality that you offer matches the price that you charge. This will make people keep coming back to you, increase your popularity, customer base and income.

6. Be consistent at what you do

Consistency is very key to the growth of any brand in the marketplace today. You must ensure that you keep at what you are doing. Your product or service must be consistent and likewise your brand strategy. Constantly changing your approach, your product or service, etc. shows signs of uncertainty, and that is a weakness you cannot afford to have.

7. Use social media

Social media is a powerful tool for advertisement in today’s world. It is undeniable the amount of impact that these platform and how they have helped to influence and promote brand awareness. This is definitely something that you have to leverage on if you’re to make your brand known.

8. Be courageous about your product

Since you trust in the quality of your product, then you should also be daring and courageous about your product. You should not be afraid to talk about your product, and what it does to people. Preach it to the world. You are the first ambassador of your brand.

9. Use print advert

Although, some people see this form of advert as obsolete, but it is still very effective, especially if you are just developing your brand. It makes your brand more visible, at least in that locality it is in. Print your logo on USBs, pens, notebooks, and gift them out. This will always remind your client of the experience they had with your brand and trigger them to come back. It might also help you gain more customers.

10. Do not copy the big brands

Well, you are not a big brand, at least not yet, you are still just a small business. So, you should refrain from copying them in whatever way or compare yourself to them. This will do more harm than good for the growth of your brand. It just creates an unnecessary level of competition and in the end might lead to the death of the brand.
Building your brand takes a lot of commitments and sacrifices. Although these steps are good starting point, it takes months and years of such hard labor.

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