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10 Unusual Facts About Cannabis Culture

Now that the cannabis industry has started its engines and is growing at a fast pace, new information is constantly released on said subject. But what exactly do we know about marijuana besides its amazing health benefits and the fun recreational uses?

The culture of cannabis dates all the way back to the third millennium B.C., or at least that’s as far as we know of. This was all way far before growing marijuana became so easy, residing in just getting some seeds at a reliable seeds bank, purchasing a few pieces of growing equipment, learning some of the basics of cultivating, and waiting with patience.

But as according to the 420 expert adviser, you don’t always need a huge budget to grow cannabis for personal use, you should invest more in a good strain and a  light.

The first time marijuana was smoked it was likely after some tribe members found it among other plants and were attracted by the plant’s strong scent, which led them to try it and spread the word around.

For several millennia, the plant even became the go-to solution for not only medical purposes, ancient cultures made rope and fiber from hemp, although they used it as food and medicine, religious and recreational purposes as well.

Given that cannabis comes along with such an extensive culture and history, there is an incredibly huge amount of stories and quirky facts about it. Let’s take a look at the 10 most unusual facts about cannabis culture.

10 Unusual Facts About Cannabis Culture

1. China used cannabis seeds as a food source ever since the year 6000 B.C.

Marijuana is indigenous to Central Asia and the Indian subcontinent. It was likely one of the earliest plants ever cultivated. In China, cannabis use dates back to the Neolithic Age, where fiber imprints on Yangshao culture’s pottery were found, as well as clothes, shoes and rope which used hemp as an early form of paper.

2. The first record of marijuana use for medicine occurred in 2737 B.C.

It was for a Chinese emperor who documented the plant’s effectiveness for treating rheumatism and gout pain.

3. The word ‘canvas’ comes from ‘cannabis’.

This is because historically, canvases were made from hemp.

4. The Mayflower contained objects made from hemp fiber.

Ropes, sails, and caulking of the English ship were made using hemp fiber.

5. In the 1890’s marijuana use was recommended.

This was during the temperance movement, where weed was suggested as a substitute for alcohol because it didn’t lead to domestic violence.

6. Bob Marley was buried with a cannabis bud.

In 1981 the famous reggae artist was buried with his guitar, a nug, and a bible.

7. Tupac’s ashes were smoked mixed with marijuana

After the murder of Tupac Shakur, the members of his music group mixed his ashes with cannabis and smoked them

8. The ex U.S. president used to smoke cannabis in college.

Barack Obama was a part of the group of boys called “Choom Gang” who got together for basketball and smoking pot.

9. The first American flag was made of hemp

The first flag in the United States was made out of hemp by Betsy Ross in 1870.

10. Marijuana produces the same effects as chocolate on the brain.

Chocolate and cannabis provide the brain with similar health benefits, such as producing dopamine, endorphins, and serotonin.


These 10 unusual facts just show how vast the world of cannabis culture actually is. We’re talking about an ancient culture that prevailed until our day, bringing along the old traditions and combining them now with the contemporary world. Are you still curious about marijuana facts? Time to do some research! History fans will be pleased to hear your stories.

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