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10 Business Ideas Every Student Can Use to Earn Some Money

Money has always been an issue for students. They always need more of this resource to be able to cover educational expenses, buy whatever they see fit, and visit places they want. Needless to say, some of them are burdened with a student loan to be paid off in the future.

Therefore, a working student today is quite a regular thing. Whether part-time or full-time, every student tries to earn something to afford a better living. Also, a successful combination of work and studies promises greater job opportunities after graduation. But at the same time, do not forget that you are still a student and the main thing for you is to study. You should devote your free time to educational resources, such as You will need time, but you will find a lot of educational information. 

However, many young people do not know where to start to earn some cash. Luckily, there are so many various opportunities that you’d definitely find interesting. Let’s review some of them.

Writing Jobs

Companies like were not established overnight. Most of them were founded by students who knew how to write and were able to help others. A few assignments quickly turned into a dozen that was pretty nice for a student.

Thus, you can start by offering your writing help to your peers. If you know how to solve math problems or write a poem analysis, there will be people willing to hire you. Especially, if you’ve already proven your competence in certain disciplines.


Many students have been successfully monetizing their hobbies and interests by writing about them and sharing with the public. Whether you have your webpage, Instagram account, or YouTube channel, you can advance it to make it profitable.

Having thousands of followers leads you to quite a stable financial income. At the same time, all you need to do is to share your passion for the things you love. However, growing your audience and creating high-quality content does take time.

eBay/Amazon Sales

The Internet has opened lots of opportunities for you to demonstrate your entrepreneurial skills. Such online platforms as eBay, Amazon or Etsy can help you realize your potential as a seller. Whatever you produce or improve can be sold on these platforms.

For instance, if you are interested in painting or handmade works, there are lots of people willing to buy some of your masterpieces. Also, if you manage to find suppliers, you can become a dealer of certain products on these well-known platforms.

Online Store Management

You can also go your own way and create a fully functional online store. Many successful business people have started their way by creating a store like this. For instance, you can do exclusive design works or sell T-shirts with unique prints. There will be a consumer for every idea if you manage to advertise your thing in the right way.

Technologies advance, so it does not require much money to launch your online retail store. Yet, in this case, you become solely responsible for marketing and management. It is very exciting but requires lots of your time.
Online Store Management

Freelance Jobs

If there is a skill that you are willing to sell, you can try freelance platforms to find your audience. Of course, you’d need to invest your time and effort to find clients and earn a reputation, but if you do your job well, that will not be a problem.

Freelance platforms allow you to earn at your own pace by doing what you are good at. Also, you learn to be responsible and diligent in your work. You are the only one who bears responsibility for it after all. Although the most popular platforms like Upwork tend to charge a commission so be mindful of that when you set the price.

Software Development

If you are good at programming, you may be willing to start your path as a software developer. You can offer your services as a freelancer or create a website. In this case, you’ll be getting orders from clients telling you what product they need.

However, you can author a mobile app or other software and earn from it. If you have a creative idea, just turn it into an app. People always look for something new and convenient, and your product might be exactly what they are looking for.

Online Education

Online Education

If you know that you are good at something, and these knowledge and skills are in demand, you can earn money by creating an online course. Many educational platforms offer an opportunity to become an educator to many people worldwide. Why not try it?
Of course, creating a good online course requires lots of time and effort. However, if you are sure that you have enough content and know how to present the material for learners to comprehend it, this is the best way to earn money. The course can be further sold to dozens of people, promising you a nice income over time.

Quick Ride Services

If you have a vehicle to provide quick, safe, and comfortable rides, you can earn some cash by working just a few hours per day. Just download Uber or Lyft apps for drivers, register there, and create a profile. When ready to work, open the app and find your client. To further increase your profit, get a software service like myflexbot to help you grab blocks that are hard to grab before every other delivery person in the shift.

The opportunity offers you the flexibility essential for a student. At the same time, you can plan your time alone, taking full responsibility for your time and efforts. In addition, you can also organize a carrier service to some distant areas. This all promises good money.

Virtual Assistant

If you are looking for flexibility, this job opportunity is something worthy of your attention. Many small business owners do not need a full-time assistant to hire. That is expensive, and they do not have so much workload for professional assistants to handle.
Thus, they look for students who can help them with clerical duties, scheduling, and calendar management from a distance. For you, it means that you’ll be free to plan your day so that it has several hours to dedicate to work. It is really something convenient for a student.

Shared Economy

If you have a place or stuff to rent, you can make good money on it and even grow your business. For example, you can rent a room for a guest if you live in a tourist place. Websites like Airbnb and Rentberry help you find your future clients. Some people might be interested in your garage or driveway, too.
You can also rent your things to people who only need them for one day. For example, a camping tent or a bicycle are very good things to rent. Even your clothes can be rented. Just study the market and see what you can offer.

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