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YouTube to Start Sharing Ad Revenue with Shorts Creators

In an effort to catch up to TikTok in the short-video industry, YouTube, which is controlled by Google, has announced that it will begin giving well-known producers a larger share of advertising money.

The firm will start paying a share of the revenue from Shorts, split according to the videos with the most views, starting in 2019, according to YouTube’s chief product officer Neal Mohan, who made the announcement on Tuesday at the annual creator event “Made on Company.”

Due to YouTube’s lack of transparency on the rewards, it is currently unclear how profitable this chance will be for Shorts makers. According to Company, it will assemble all of the Shorts’ ad earnings each month. The Company will pay creators 45% of the secret percentage of the total that is assigned to them.

Up until recently, a $100 million Shorts Fund that was established last year was the only method to profit from Shorts.

Ads that play prior to or during regular YouTube video makers’ productions bring about 55% of their income. Ads in Shorts are not attached to any particular videos; instead, they appear between videos and in feeds for Shorts.

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