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Why pursuing a CSPO course is the smartest move for your career? 

A Certified Scrum Product Owner is an important member of the Scrum team. A certified product owner knows how to judge and evaluate the stakeholder’s needs and create a product vision. A CSPO certification helps you maximise the return on investment by focusing on aspects of on-time delivery of high-value releases. The certification is globally recognised and is provided by the Scrum Alliance. It validates your expertise in leading projects and teams ensuring high releases of products.
The course is ideal for candidates who are already members or managers of Scrum teams and willing to take up the challenging role of a product owner for the team. He/she will decide what the team should create, how they are going to work towards it to maximise efficiency and create impactful products for most customer satisfaction.
The certification teaches you how to prioritize and manage products by utilising business value, “get the product out” by satisfying all the stakeholders, plan product releases, track progress, handle reviews and prepare for and participate in scrum events. Product owners are also responsible for analysing market competition and engaging with the buyers. They also have to deal with and convince sponsors in order to meet the economic needs to deliver the product in time to the stakeholders. Lastly, product owners need to monitor the alignment and understanding of all the teams in order to achieve their common goal and deliver the product.
There are no particular prerequisites for doing this course. Any professional interested in enhancing their skill set can apply for this certification. The validity of the certification provided by Scrum Alliance is two years. The agency sends you a reminder when it is about to expire so that you can renew it in time.
Benefits of a CSPO certification
The need for good product management has become very important in big companies and start-ups in recent years. A CSPO certification is ideal for anyone who wishes to get into product management. With companies realising the need and importance of product management, the demand for certified product owners has been increasing in the market. The industry is realising the value and benefits of this skill set.

  • A professional with a CSPO certification is eligible to apply for jobs anywhere in the world. The certification is globally recognised. This allows you to work outside the country and maximise your exposure as well. Due to the increasing importance of data in decision making and understanding customer needs while keeping the design in mind the demand for certified professionals is increasing.
  • The average salary of a CSPO can be $105k annually. It is bound to increase with your time and experience in the industry. You can apply for jobs within India as well as abroad in countries like Singapore, USA, Canada, Ireland, etc. Any place with upcoming start-ups is ideal.
  • In India, government initiatives like ‘Digital India’ and ‘Make in India’ hire skilled product owners and managers.
  • Global companies like Dell, Intel, Bosch, Google, IBM, Netflix, etc., hire certified product owners and managers. These companies also offer good remuneration and perks.
  • Product owner training prepares you to apply for various job roles. It makes you eligible to apply for job roles like- Agile Coach, Product Manager, Senior Project Manager, Product Owner, and Project Manager.
  • CSPO course helps you understand how to create a better product by implementing Scrum in the team. By doing so, it also helps you prepare for various Scrum events and competitions that your team can win.
  • Certified CSPOs also learn how to define and work with product backlogs. It helps them learn how to prioritize product backlogs and keep the priorities of the team in delivering the end result on time.
  • A certification by the Scrum Alliance, besides being globally recognised, also allows you to gain membership and become part of a global community. This helps you gain access to global scrum events and meet professionals from all over the world. You can build a strong network by meeting professionals already in the industry and expand your horizon. The connections built here and by meeting people face to face can benefit you professionally. It can open new avenues and offer opportunities that might be difficult to come across otherwise.
  • Product owner training is open to all candidates irrespective of their educational background. This allows anyone who wishes to get skilled and apply for high-paying jobs to do so. The course allows them to gain the necessary knowledge and apply for jobs that non-certified professionals cannot apply for.
  • After attaining this certification, the candidates become eligible for other higher Scrum certifications and Advanced product owner certifications. This is the first step towards advancement in your career. This certification makes you eligible for many jobs and allows you to have a firm base in order to apply for advanced certifications.

The current trend and market have many job opportunities for product owners. The CSPO certification accredits the candidate’s knowledge of Scrum and professional knowledge of handling the teams in the enterprise. It certifies that they are equipped to handle product backlog, DevOps teams, and conduct research regarding the products and what the stakeholders want. They can train the teams to work towards a common goal and deliver their best. Individuals who wish to grow in this industry should apply for this certification.

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