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Why Getting A College Degree Can Help Kickstart Your Career

As you head toward the end of your high school education and start to think about the next phase of your life, you may be wondering what the point of getting a college degree is? In some professions, it’s evident that a degree is essential, but for others, it may not be so clear. Why can’t you step out of high school and into an entry-level position that requires no experience and just work your way up? A couple of generations ago, this is precisely how many people started their careers, but times have changed, and the business world has too.

Better Prospects

Chances are, if you are lucky enough to get an entry-level position straight out of high school, you’ll find little scope for advancement without further education of type. And you’ll be at the very bottom of the pile, which will be reflected in salary and other benefits. Taking the time after school to earn a degree will give you an advantage in the workplace as you’ll have better scope for advancement and better remuneration. It will also give you more time to consider which career path you’d like to follow, as a degree opens you up to new subjects and fields not available at the secondary level.

Prepare For Working Life

Secondary education doesn’t always prepare you for working life, in part because you’re preparing for all aspects of adult life, of which there is a lot to learn. Going to college allows you to prepare for working life with business courses that are more focused than the broad education at the lower level. It will still be scary starting the first job after graduation, but you’ll fall into place with all the knowledge gained and any internships and work experience.

Transferable Skills

As well as learning industry-specific skills, while studying for a degree, you’ll learn transferable skills like critical thinking, analysis, and effective time management, which are essential when working in any field. As well as helping you with whichever job you choose, being able to demonstrate these skills will help you land that job. Recruiters and employers actively look for people with these qualities, and after several years of practicing whilst studying, they’ll be easy to prove. An excellent job application shows solid examples of desired competencies, and college graduates will have more robust examples than a high school graduate.

Begin Networking

Networking is vital in the professional world, regardless of the industry. College is an excellent place to begin networking before entering the workforce, putting you at an early advantage. Professors and other teaching staff can provide recommendations both to you, while your peers may become professional allies in later years.

It’s easy to see how gaining a college degree can kickstart your career at any stage post-high school. You’ll learn essential skills that you can demonstrate with solid examples, begin networking. Maybe you’ll find a new love and take your career in a wholly unexpected but satisfying direction.