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What Should I Consider When Opening a Cannabis Gaming Bar?

As more states are legalizing recreational cannabis use, more businesses across the United States are opening to take advantage of the new cannabis industry. Some of these businesses include cannabis gaming bars. The ideal combination of the cannabis industry and gaming industry, these bars are starting to pop up all over.
So, you want to get into the business? There are a few things to consider when opening a cannabis gaming bar, things like the best gaming chairs, best-in-the-class retro arcade games, headsets for your console stations, and safe cannabis products. Not to mention all of the legalities to meet as well. In this article, we’ll dive into all that you should consider before opening.

Always Follow the Law

Cannabis businesses have only been around for a limited time, so the law is rather strict regarding these operations. In addition to all of the standard business licenses and permits you need, you’ll need to secure the proper cannabis licenses for your business before you can legally sell marijuana products on-site. The biggest issue with any establishment acting as a “bar” or “lounge” is that you cannot sell alcohol and cannabis products at the same business. You can hold both licenses, but you have to choose which product you plan to sell.
Don’t forget to check all the federal and state laws, and local government as well. Different states have varying laws regarding cannabis business, and some local municipalities have special permits to open a cannabis business or prohibit them regardless of whether it’s legal or not. 

Don’t Forget the Insurance

It’s easy for many business owners to remember to insure their businesses with basic commercial insurance coverage. However, being a player in the cannabis business, it is useful to look into cannabis insurance as well. Full-coverage cannabis insurance can help protect all your professional liabilities regarding customers using the product on your property. 

Find Your Niche

One of the first things to consider is whether you’ll have console games, arcade games, tabletop games, or even a mixture of all three. A combination of games will typically be the best way to bring in a wide variety of patrons and even secure a loyal customer base that comes back regularly. No matter if you have online gaming stations set up for PlayStation or Xbox games, retro arcade games like Frogger and Street Fighter, or tabletop stations for Dungeons & Dragons or Magic: The Gathering, you’ll find what works for your business. 

Finding a Reliable Supplier for Your Marijuana Products

What Should I Consider When Opening a Cannabis Gaming Bar?
If you plan to manage one of these lounges, you’re probably not running a cannabis cultivation operation on the side. So, you’ll need to find a reliable supplier. This means shopping around, product sampling, lab testing, and building relationships with suppliers. Then, ensure that you’re keeping a safe product in stock for your customers to enjoy while they play their video games.
If you can find a cannabis grower that already has an established reputation for safe, quality products, then you’ve taken most of the work out of this step, so stock up! 

Setting Up Events

Not to say that your business couldn’t succeed simply by opening the doors with various games and cannabis products, but event hosting is another factor to consider. Most successful video game lounges host a wide range of events, including limited-time discounts for their gamers. So whether it’s Friday Night Magic for Magic: The Gathering players, Madden Football tournaments for console gamers, or Fight Nights for those arcade Street Fighter fans, big events like this will bring gamers out in droves!

Start Planning for Opening Day

Now that you have some of the most crucial factors to consider when opening a cannabis gaming bar, you can start planning. Remember to obey all federal and state rules and regulations, get your business insured, locate your niche and a dependable supplier, and consider holding some events. With these cannabis businesses opening around the United States, yours should do just fine with the proper planning.