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What is DLP, and why is it crucial for a business?

When it comes to data security, an organization strives to protect its precious data, as it is one of its most crucial assets.

With the constant fear of cyberattacks and malware, an organization does its best to protect its data from unauthorized access. One such solution is a data loss prevention solution(DLP).

Do you constantly fear losing crucial data? If so, let’s learn what DLP is and how it can help you stay protected from hackers and malware.

What is Data Loss Prevention(DLP)?

Data loss prevention is a technology that performs inspection and analysis of data to prevent any loss. It looks closely at the data shared through emails, texts, and other means of communication within a network. It performs many kinds of analysis and inspection to ensure sensitive data cannot be accessed through unauthorized channels.

It constantly analyzes the risk of data exposure and uses methods to prevent it by monitoring and blocking threats and deploying data protection functionalities.

Also known as data leak prevention, it is a combination of technologies, strategies, and processes designed to prevent the loss of data at the hand of hackers, data thieves, and unauthorized personnel. It closely monitors the confidential data being shared between employees in an organization and prevents them from sending it outside the organization’s network.

How does DLP work?

An organization deploys advanced DLP tools and technologies to keep its sensitive data safe and protected. These tools and technologies help monitor, detect, and protect information that is sensitive and vulnerable to theft.

A DLP software solution will block a user from sharing sensitive information with anyone outside a company’s network. It uses algorithms and company policies to determine which data needs to be protected from getting transferred and accessed by an unauthorized channel. It will block a user from accessing data – an act that is considered going against the company’s policy.

Reasons why it is essential for a business

Data holds the utmost importance to an organization in this digital day and age. A lot is at stake when it comes to data protection. Here are some significant reasons your business needs DLP solutions and strategies.

Outside threats

An organization needs to protect its data from hackers and constant cyberattacks. Data thieves are more advanced than ever. They are continuously finding new ways to launch cyberattacks. With the help of DLP solutions, an organization can always stay one step ahead of them.

Internal threats

Protecting your data from an insider threat is more complicated. An insider threat can be an employee who carries out a cyberattack within an organization’s network. It is much more challenging to prevent such threats, but with a DLP solution, you can easily monitor employees and prevent them from sending crucial information outside the company’s network.

Accidental data sharing

Most of the time, an employee doesn’t intend to compromise the company’s data. They can fall prey to traps led by data thieves in the form of unauthorized applications and malware. In those scenarios, an employee can accidentally reveal sensitive data to the hacker, leading to a more extensive cyberattack. A DLP solution helps secure the best interest of an employee and the business with constant monitoring and blocking features.

Business Reputation

During a cyber attack, a business’s crucial data isn’t the only thing at risk. The reputation of a company also suffers. Clients and customers are less likely to trust an organization that can’t protect its data. Also, you risk the data that can affect the company’s reputation, which is never good.


With time, data security has become more and more challenging to maintain. But, with the help of a DLP software solution, you can secure data without much effort. It is necessary for this digital era and a must for every business to ward off data theft and breaches.

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