Top 5 economically stable countries


Switzerland is often ranked as the most economically stable country due to its high GDP per capita, low unemployment rates, and a strong banking sector.

United Arab Emirates:

The UAE has a diversified economy with strong growth driven by oil revenues, tourism, and trade. It has a GDP of approximately $508 billion and has made significant investments in infrastructure and technology, contributing to its economic stability


With a GDP of about $2.14 trillion, Canada is noted for its strong natural resources sector, stable banking system, and supportive government policies for business.


Sweden boasts a highly developed economy with a GDP of around $586 billion. It is known for its advanced welfare system, strong public institutions, and high levels of innovation and entrepreneurship.


Germany has a GDP of approximately $4.07 trillion, making it one of the largest economies in the world. It is known for its strong industrial base, export-oriented economy, and robust manufacturing sector.