Royal Enfield Bullet 350 vs Classic 350: How Different Are They?

Bullet 350: The Bullet 350 retains a more traditional and minimalist design, reminiscent of classic motorcycles. It features a simple fuel tank with chrome accents, a round headlamp, and a basic instrument cluster.

Classic 350: The Classic 350, as the name suggests, has a design inspired by vintage motorcycles but incorporates modern elements. It sports a teardrop-shaped fuel tank, stylish chrome finishes, a retro-styled instrument cluster, and distinctive styling cues like the 'Tiger Eye' lamps.

Bullet 350: The Bullet 350 tends to be more straightforward in terms of features, with a focus on providing a no-frills riding experience. It typically comes with basic essentials such as electric start, analogue instrumentation, and standard lighting.

Classic 350: The Classic 350 often offers more modern features compared to the Bullet 350. Depending on the variant, it may include options like alloy wheels, disc brakes, fuel injection system, and dual-channel ABS for enhanced safety.

Bullet 350: The Bullet 350 is powered by a traditional 346cc single-cylinder, air-cooled engine, known for its torquey performance and thumping exhaust note. It delivers a smooth and relaxed cruising experience, ideal for long rides and highway touring.

Classic 350: Similarly, the Classic 350 also utilizes a 346cc single-cylinder engine, but it may feature enhancements like fuel injection for improved fuel efficiency and smoother power delivery. The Classic 350 offers a balanced mix of power and comfort, suitable for both city commuting and leisure rides.

Bullet 350: With its classic design and comfortable ergonomics, the Bullet 350 provides a nostalgic riding experience that appeals to riders seeking simplicity and heritage charm. It excels in offering a laid-back riding posture suitable for leisurely cruising.

Classic 350: The Classic 350 offers a blend of retro aesthetics and modern comfort features, making it a versatile choice for various riding conditions. Its upright seating position and refined engine make it well-suited for daily commuting as well as weekend adventures.