Here is why Apple Intelligence won't work on other iphone

1. Hardware Limitation

Advanced AI functionalities require significant processing power and GPU capabilities. Older iPhones may not have the necessary hardware to run these features effectively.

2. Software Compatibility

Some AI features are integrated deeply into the latest versions of iOS, which may not be supported on older devices. For example, iOS updates often come with new APIs and frameworks that older hardware cannot support.

3. Sensor Technology

Many AI features rely on advanced camera systems that include multiple lenses, LiDAR, and improved sensors. Older iPhones with basic camera setups lack the necessary hardware to support these features.

4. Battery Efficiency

Advanced AI features can be power-hungry. Older iPhones with smaller or degraded batteries might not handle the power requirements efficiently, leading to poor battery life and potential overheating.

5. Market Strategy

By restricting certain features to newer models, Apple incentivizes users to upgrade to the latest devices. This strategy ensures that users get the best possible experience while also driving sales of new hardware.