6 Tips To Improve Android Phone's Battery Life

Adjust Screen Brightness and Timeout:

Reducing the screen brightness and setting a shorter screen timeout can significantly save battery life. Automatic brightness adjustments can also help by using just the necessary amount of brightness.

Use Battery Saver Mode:

 Enabling the battery saver mode can extend battery life by limiting background processes, reducing performance, and lowering screen brightness.

Limit Background App Activity:

Managing and limiting apps running in the background can help preserve battery life. This can be done by restricting background data for specific apps or using the "Battery optimization" feature.

Turn Off Unnecessary Features:

Features like Bluetooth, GPS, and Wi-Fi can drain the battery if left on when not in use. Turning these off when they are not needed can conserve power.

Update Apps and Software:

 Keeping your apps and operating system updated ensures that you benefit from the latest optimizations and bug fixes that can improve battery efficiency.

Disable Unnecessary Notifications:

 Notifications cause your phone to light up and vibrate or ring, which can use up battery life. Disabling non-essential notifications can help conserve battery.