5 Countries with Longest Working Hours in the world


Mexicans work the longest hours, with an average of 2,255 hours per year, equating to roughly 43 hours per week. This is driven by long-standing fears about unemployment and lax labor law

South Korea:

South Koreans work about 1,908 hours annually, which translates to around 37 hours per week. Despite recent efforts to reduce working hours to address social issues, the work culture remains demanding


With an average of 2,405 hours per year, Colombian workers are among the most overworked globally. This averages to approximately 46.25 hours per week

Costa Rica:

Workers in Costa Rica put in about 2,149 hours annually, averaging around 41 hours per week. This reflects the country's high labor demands in various sectors


In Bangladesh, the average working hours per week are 46.9. Many workers are employed in the informal sector without basic labor rights, contributing to the high number of working hours