5 Countries with longest paid maternity leave


Mothers in Estonia can receive 140 days of fully paid leave prior to the child’s first birthday, followed by additional leave where they receive a substantial portion of their salary.


Bulgarian mothers receive 410 days of maternity leave at 90% of their salary, starting 45 days before the expected date of birth. After the initial period, they can take additional paid leave until the child turns two.


Mothers receive 24 weeks of maternity leave at 70% of their salary. Afterward, they are eligible for additional parental leave benefits until the child is three years old.


Mothers can take 18 weeks of fully paid maternity leave. They also have the option to take extended parental leave with a portion of their salary until the child is two years old.


Slovakian mothers receive 34 weeks of paid maternity leave at 75% of their salary. There are also additional benefits available for parental leave up to the child’s third birthday.