5 Beginner-friendly RPA Project Idea

Email Automation:

Use an RPA tool to monitor an email inbox. The bot can be programmed to recognize emails from specific senders or with certain keywords in the subject line, extract attachments or relevant data, and perform actions like replying with a template, forwarding the email, or moving it to a specific folder.

Data Entry from Excel to Web Forms:

Create an RPA bot that reads data from an Excel file row by row and inputs the data into corresponding fields in a web form. This project helps you learn how to handle web elements and work with Excel files.

Invoice Processing:

The bot can read PDF invoices, extract relevant data (like invoice number, date, amount), and input this information into an accounting or ERP system. This project helps you understand how to work with PDFs and data extraction.

Web Scraping and Data Aggregation:

Use an RPA tool to navigate through websites, extract data (such as prices, product details, or news articles), and compile this data into an Excel spreadsheet or a database. This project introduces web scraping and data manipulation techniques.

Automated Report Generation:

The bot can pull data from multiple sources like databases, spreadsheets, or web services, perform necessary calculations or data transformations, and generate a report in a specific format (Excel, PDF, etc.). This project helps you understand data integration and report generation.