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TryHackMe: Making Cyber Security Training Attainable

Ben Spring | Co-founder | TryHackMe

The need to incorporate a cyber security focus into business strategy is becoming increasingly crucial. Cyber-attacks are rapidly heightening in complexity and breadth – with new attack styles, tools, and threats in constant evolution. Eighteen cyber-attacks occur every minute, and so there is an imminent need for business owners to consider the field. With impending demand, the security landscape can be challenging to navigate.
TryHackMe is a cyber security training platform – offering gamified training suited to the complete beginner through to the seasoned hacker, straight from the browser. They offer free and premium learning to individuals, schools, and businesses, allowing management adaptable pathways and labs to retain relevancy.
Why Train Teams in Cyber Security? 
There are two considerations when looking at training workforces. Firstly, businesses should adopt an appropriately sized cyber security department to match the needs of the business – judging the threat level, reasonable investment, and how damaging the effects of likely breaches could be. The other angle looks at the wider workforce. 95% of all security breaches are at least partially attributed to human error, where a lack of training, personal security, and mistakes led to breach. It is vital for all team members to have a level of understanding about cyber security and how to stay vigilant.
Human error refers to the workforce’s unintended actions – or lack thereof. These actions can lead to successful breaches and present themselves in a multitude of mistakes, such as falling victim to scams, failing to update systems, and using unsecure connections and poor security practices. Whilst most businesses utilize security software, protection can only go as far as the workforce understands and utilizes them. Naturally, reducing human error should be crucial for organizations’ cyber security strategies. Companies can do this by training their workforce.
TryHackMe Training
TryHackMe was launched to allow users of all skill levels to train and upskill in cyber security, with an accessible and attainable model. Training labs focus on varying threats and areas of cyber security and are launched via an in-browser attack box that simulates genuine scenarios and arms users against threats. They incorporate gamified learning such as the King of the Hill, a game that fosters collaboration and competition needed in real-world environments. Players aim to compromise a machine and patch vulnerabilities to restrict other players from gaining access, with leaderboards and exclusive rooms for business teams.
Businesses partner with TryHackMe to create branded learning paths that align with skill requirements, giving teams relevant, engaging, personalized training. Management can utilize a dashboard that enables progress monitoring across users to understand how effectively teams are learning.
Cyber security training should be a consideration for cyber security strategies in 2022 – to upskill teams and mitigate the risk of cyber-attacks and negative repercussions.
Advent of Cyber 
In December 2021, TryHackMe launched the third annual Advent of Cyber, one of the numerous free events to help users venture into the world of cyber security. Thirty thousand individuals took part in the previous event, and this year is proving to have even more impact with participants, breadth of content, and prizes. The event allows anyone interested to kickstart their cyber journey with interactive, engaging storylines.
Every day from December the 1st to December the 25th, TryHackMe release brand new tasks and challenges. Each task features are written and video content, covering topics such as web exploitation, network exploitation, OSINT (open-source intelligence,) cloud hacking, and defensive training.
No matter the skill set, occupation, or age, Advent of Cyber is a free opportunity for all. We aim to help kickstart learning journeys in the field, and for some, enable career changes through learning topics transitional to job roles in the industry. The event is a brilliant way to understand how attacks and breaches occur and launch into cyber in a secure, enjoyable way! – Ben Spring, TryHackMe Co-founder
The Advent of Cyber event is also a free training tool for businesses – where teams can take part in short daily challenges to broaden their security knowledge. Businesses can also optionally monitor the progress of their team and see which areas they may need to hone in on for further development.
Name: Ben Spring
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Description: Ben is a co-founder of TryHackMe. He met Ashu Savani – the other co-founder – at a security internship in London. They soon discovered the significant lack of tools for teaching cyber security, where everything seemed to focus on a black-box approach, and users were left to their own devices. Initially a passion project, TryHackMe now has 800,000 users and a team of over 25 talented people based around the world.

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