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Traducta: Services for Professionals. Assisting Professionals with Multilingual Translation Services

In the present business world, multilingual translation services are extremely important if one is observing opportunities in the international market. To reach the global market, organizations need to constantly communicate with clients from all over the world and make effective interactions. One of the prominent requirements of doing business nowadays is a strong online presence. The official website is the face of a business to the world and while it targets a wider spectrum of audience, it needs to be translated and localized into preferred languages.
Traducta excels at delivering professional translation services offers industry-specific business translation services to support fields as diverse as Retail, Healthcare and Pharmaceutical, Real Estate, Human Resources, Marketing, Consumer Electronics, and many others. The company’s value-added services are Desktop Publishing, Terminology Management and on-demand Over-the-Phone and Video Remote Interpreting (OPI and VRI). It delivers consistent quality in any language, any subject matter and any format an organization may require.
The Architect of Traducta
Yves Desjardins is the Founder and CEO of Traducta. He did his graduation from the University of Montreal with a Specialized Degree in Translation in 1976. Yves acquired solid experience in translation as an employee of large International Corporations such as Merck Sharp & Dohme, Stelco Canada, RCA Canada, and IBM Canada. The wealth of experience and unified knowledge in language translation inspired Yves to initiate his own translation firm.
Therefore, in early 1978 Yves founded Traducta a Multilingual Translation Services Company which majorly focuses on translation solutions for business professionals. Yves manages the whole business and contributes to the continued success of the company. He’s also actively involved in the company’s Quality Assurance processes.
Consistently Delivering Quality
Traducta is celebrating 40 years in business, making it one of the oldest Translation Companies in North America. It aims to consistently deliver quality, regardless the complexity of projects. The company has standard processes and unified tools, along with an expert team which guarantees its customer to get best value and quality.
Traducta offers many unified services including Multilingual Translation Services, which covers Document Translation, Adaptive Translation, and Professional Interpreting. The company also offers leading Language Review Services which consist of three types of revisions, namely Unilingual Revisions, Multilingual Revisions, and Third Party Revisions. Traducta also delivers Language Process Consulting Services to its clients to ensure their entire languagerelated workflow. Yves states that “Traducta has been providing professional multilingual translation services for 40 years into over 150 languages. The most popular translation services we provide in North America are English to Spanish, English to French and English to German, close to English to Portuguese.”
Improving Customer Experience
Traducta is providing its customers using functionality with the help of unified Customer Portal. It enables them to securely submit their documents, track their status and retrieve final versions 24/7. The company also offers services to connect a user with a professional interpreter over the phone or via video call in any language. The whole process works within 30 seconds through an app installed on their smartphone.
Changing Industry Scenario
Over the years, Traducta has reinvented itself several times to adapt to the changing prospect of the industry. Back in 1978, the firm received documents by courier, which were translated on typewriters using carbon copies. In the 1990’s, the company was revolutionized with computers and text processing. At present, the company’s production capacity enables it to turn around large quantities of text in the same day, while ensuring the same quality.
Developing a Network of Translators
Globalization and the rise of the Internet have had a significant impact on the language industry. More content is created every day, and businesses need to communicate in more than one language to stay competitive.
Traducta is also focused on this primary reason to develop a compact network of translators to cover practically all language combinations. The company is consequently working on translation services more effectively to enhance business communication.
Traducta in its Future Proceedings
Over the last years, Traducta has developed processes and tools to help its customers with audio, video, and multimedia localization requirements. The company has developed some projects including National TV Campaigns, Radio Spots, E-Learning Materials, Microsites, and Social Media Content, etc. Traducta is also established in handling any file format virtually and delivering publishing-ready content in any language.
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