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Top Tips to Make Your Garage Door Work Faultlessly for Years

Since a garage door is expensive, you will do well to undertake regular maintenance to make it work smoothly and protect your investment for as long as possible. Ideally, you must plan to perform six-monthly inspections and maintenance but keeping your eyes open to potential issues will help you avert problems and needless expenses on major repairs.

Why Do You Need to Maintain Your Garage Door?

In addition to extending its service life, regular garage door maintenance can prevent problems. If you do not maintain it could result in accidents, theft, electrical malfunction, and water damage, among other issues. A well-maintained garage door will not let you down suddenly and prevent you from taking your car out. You can also guard against accidents by maintaining the door well. According to the Southern Maryland Chronicle, getting the door installed by professionals is important for ensuring proper functioning.

Know Your Garage Door

The first step to taking good care of your garage door is to know its components and operation well. You should observe the door operation when it is working well to know when something is not functioning as it should. You must be especially alert to squeaking or grinding noises or any change in the smoothness of the movement of the door as it opens or closes. You can help avoid expensive repairs by spotting potential problems in advance. If you rather not deal with garage door problems, you can call Coquitlam garage door repair professionals.

Clean the Door

It is easy for dust and gunk to build up inside the garage, especially if you use it as a workshop for DIY jobs or to repair your car. Much of this ultimately finds its way to the garage door’s moving parts and prevents it from operating smoothly. You must clean the garage and the garage door regularly to ensure nothing obstructs its free movement. Places to focus on include where the door and the floor meet, the gutters, and the drainage.

Lubricate the Moving Parts

You should also clean and lubricate the various moving parts of the garage door, like the hinges, rollers, tracks, springs, and door opener chain, with a silicone spray. It will enable the door to operate smoothly and prevent rust from forming on the metal components. Lubricating the door takes only a few minutes, so you can include it in your monthly maintenance schedule.

Check the Weather Seal

The weather seal keeps the garage door tightly sealed to prevent air leaks, water damage, ingress of dirt and debris, and pests. Checking the seal when the seasons change can help you get the best from your garage.


Garage doors represent a serious threat to personal safety if you do not maintain them well. A faulty door system can fail suddenly and injure you or a family member. A routine inspection and adjustment of the door balance, auto-reverse feature, photo-electric system, cables, springs, and various nuts and bolts can help keep it in top condition. You must also clean the door tracks periodically and check for wear and tear. By using sealed rollers, you can avoid the chore of cleaning and lubricating them regularly.