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Top shooters to play with friends on the weekend

The shooter genre is trendy in the gaming community due to the large share of adrenaline, and the ability to independently decide the outcome of the fight, regardless of the team’s behavior, and there are always modes for playing with friends.

What to play with friends on the weekend

Destiny 2

 A prevalent MMO shooter with many mechanics for leveling, brutal raids, and the PVP mode for playing with friends.
Go strike is a three-player mini-raid with great teamwork required to succeed and defeat the boss. Each strike is different from the others in mechanics, so the mode should be regarded as an excellent opportunity to solve complex problems with friends and strengthen your character.

Trial of Osiris – PVP mode where the team must win many times to get the best rewards and legendary weapons of the season. For seven victories in a row, you can pick up the season’s prize – a legendary weapon that will significantly strengthen your character.

You need to strengthen your equipment if you can’t go through brutal raids and strikes and often lose to other players in PVP. You can order the destiny two boosting service to get the Trial of Osiris walkthrough from professional players. With legendary weapons, it will be easier for you to drag your friends to your level.

Top shooters to play with friends on the weekend


A cult online shooter that recently became free.

In CS: GO, the legendary scheme of confrontation between terrorists and special forces is implemented to achieve victories in each round, where the winner of the meeting is determined when one of the teams does not score 16 points. After 15 matches after the start, there is a change of sides.

For companies of friends in the game, there are many modes:

Matchmaking is a competitive mode from 1 to 5 players with a game of promotion or demotion. Players play together, and the game system randomly selects the rest.

Purge is a great mode to practice knocking out or defending a site and enjoy fast and dynamic matches without being tied to a rating. The exciting features of this mode are that it is a site for laid immediately, the round would decide the fate in a maximum of 45 seconds, and all weapons are issued with cards that players will choose at the start. For special merits in the previous round, you can get a reinforced card or the role of a sniper.

2v2 is the ideal mode if you play with a friend together. The partner mode is similar to regular matchmaking, with only half as many rounds, and the map is limited to only one site. An excellent method to have fun with a friend and practice pairing actions for full matchmaking. The amounts of money and the rules are identical to the rest of the modes, and the partner mode has its rank system.

Suppose you don’t want to play by the rules and are just looking for an opportunity to shoot enemies or each other. In that case, the workshop has many modes – 1×1 with any weapon, cooperative maps for passing, an arms race game where everything will come down to a battle on knives, and so on.

Top shooters to play with friends on the weekend


It is the best multiplayer series of games to play with friends.

Main advantages:

  • Huge cards
  • The complete destructibility of objects
  • Lots of vehicles and aircraft to use
  • Tactical actions

The game has many large maps for confrontation between the two sides, which depends on the version of the game.

All objects on the maps are subject to destruction to the stone for entertainment and to give the battle a more considerable and epic significance.

Take control of any technique that comes your way – most of them can be used with friends. An additional machine gunner is often required in the tank; the same applies to transporters and aircraft.

Combine your actions with other allies and decide who will command the army. Together with friends and others, attack critical points on the map and hold most of them to quickly reduce the cards of enemies and, complemented by killing opponents, reduce their issues to zero to win the map.

A limited number of armored vehicles and aircraft participate in the battle, and all valuable resources require time to recover, so they entrust their management to more experienced comrades.

In Battlefield, those who gain a tactical advantage on the battlefield win – by destroying enemy aircraft and heavy equipment and cutting off the ability to restore them, you will achieve tactical superiority and gradually tip the scales in your favor.

Contact all allies – you will not only recapture points on the map but also hold them – preventing the enemy from counterattacking and timely suppressing all attempts to recapture positions. On most maps, both sides have an impossible base to capture. Still, with the proper distribution of forces, it is possible to close the enemy on it and destroy targets when trying to get out of the base – this is considered the cleanest defeat.

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