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Tips for Women in Technology Who Want to Get Promoted at Work

Are you a women working in the technology sector and you are frustrated and fed up because others are getting the leadership promotions you think you deserve?

This article is for those who work hard and are overlooked.

One thing you need to always remember is working hard and achieving results is not enough to get a promotion.

The most important thing if you want to get the promotion is being more visible because it makes your work noticed and makes a bigger impact. This is going to help you get promoted to the next big role.

Below are five tips that will go a long way in helping you get promoted.

Getting curious

You should get curious about your colleagues who have been promoted recently. Being curious puts you in a state where you can learn and retain information better. Who at the workplace do you admire and respect, and are they at a level you are interested in? How does this person communicate and behave? What is it about them that you admire and respect? What is it they do that is different from what you do? What can you learn from that person that is going to help you get the promotion?

Talking about your results

Women are usually sharp when it comes to getting good results, demonstrating their collaborative leadership skills, and building strong teams. What women are not that good at is talking about their successes and results. This is a generalization, but it is more common in women.

Men and women usually communicate and behave in different ways when they are at work. It doesn’t mean that one is wrong or right, but rather different. One difference is women are more likely to downplay their successes and roles in the team’s successes because they don’t want to be seen as boastful or bragging. It is important to see things from the manager or the manager of your manager’s perspective.

The company is going to promote people who get results. People make the mistake of assuming that their work is going to speak for them, but they forget that the manager has a lot of work and might not have the time to notice your work. A good way to make sure they know about your results and success is by talking about it. You should talk about your successes and results so it starts feeling comfortable and natural to do so, according to HR Services Scotland.

Taking ownership of your team’s success

Another thing you can do in order to improve your chances of promotion is to take ownership of your team’s success. Many people usually say, “we were very successful” or “the team did a great job.” Try talking about the team’s success by using “I” and not “we” all the time. If you were the team leader, you became responsible for the success of the team. You shouldn’t downplay your involvement because that is how you let other people go past you in the promotion queue.

Think about what your team has managed to achieve in the past six months. Note them down and then tell someone else about the successes.

  • When writing and talking about the team’s successes, use the following prompts:
  • What was special about what you achieved?
  • What skills were used?
  • What behavior was needed?
  • What did you learn?
  • What unique contribution did you add to the success?

Auditing the work that you do

This is the final tip to help you get a promotion. You need to audit what you do at work. A challenge women face when it comes to promotion is getting caught up in being busy with work that the company doesn’t value.

This became more important after the pandemic made hybrid working a norm. Hybrid working combines office and remote working. You can be easily overlooked and sidelined if your work isn’t valuable or visible.

If you want to avoid this, audit the work you do and see whether it is valuable or not. Use a 1-10 scale to do this.

If your work falls below 6, it means you need to work on things that are rated a seven and above. Find a way of getting yourself assigned to valuable work.

Talking about your ambitions

One mistake many women make is failing to communicate their skills and the value they add to the company. They also don’t express their ambitions.

People are going to make their own assumptions and think you aren’t ambitious or not interested in a promotion if you don’t speak up. People who usually get promoted are the ones who have their ambitions clear and known. Talk about your career ambitions because it is going to help you a lot – whether that’s a job as a chef or a technology job. Have a conversation with your manager about your ambitions and career goals. Make sure you are clear about wanting a promotion, being ambitious, and also needing their support.

A good way you can approach this is by asking, “What is it that I need to do to get promoted this year?” This is not a one-time conversation; it is a good idea to repeat the conversation so you can reiterate your goals and ambitions.

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