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The Top 5 Advantages of Cloud Telephony

Cloud Telephony Advantages

In this digital era, businesses all over the world, regardless of its size are switching to Cloud Telephony. Cloud Telephony offers a wide range of benefits that could meet the growing demands and needs of businesses.
Without any doubt we can say that Cloud Telephony is swiftly growing and taking the market by storm. Through this blog we are exploring the top 5 reasons that make Cloud Technology trendy and advantageous for the 21st century businesses.
Improved control, access and efficiency.
Moving your communication to Cloud Telephony will let you have more precise control and access to both the connected devices and valuable data. Once your business phone numbers are hosted in the cloud, they can be accessed from any part of the world. The data moves along with you wherever you go and hence there is no chance of data loss.
Apart from the traditional on-premise solutions, the quality hosted solution will ensure a user-friendly interface, with a consistent look and feel across multiple platforms. Users have full control over the extension level call forwarding and also the system administrators are able to make changes to certain features like Auto Attendant and Ring groups.
The greatest advantage is that you never have to employ another person to make any changes to the system. These changes can be made while travelling or even when you are in a different country. Without long lead times and great ease in changing call routing or password reset, Cloud Telephony appears to be more efficient for businesses.
Continuously updated
Hosting your communication in the cloud never leaves your service outdated. With a quality hosted solution, every new innovation in technology will be updated on your respective communication system. You can face the digital world more confidently by moving your communication system to the cloud.
If your businesses have moved on to Cloud Telephony, you do not have to invest today for tomorrow. Once you buy a solution for business, it is scalable and can be used in any other platform or expanded environment. Modern systems are efficiently scalable to meet any future growth in an organization. You can add new and new users, ring groups and auto attendants to the system.
Flexible Working Policy
Flexible Working Policy or BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) is now popular in businesses now. BYOD allows employees to bring their own devices for work. The flexible working facilitates employees to work despite of a fixed time and place.
A hosted communication platform provides these policies. Having all the systems and data secured in the cloud enhance the process. Users can make calls from anywhere while displaying the office number and thereby benefit from the live analytics, call recording and reporting. In case if any employee is on leave, you can disable their access from the control panel easily.
Reduced Cost
Cloud Telephony helps you reduce the costs without reducing quality. It eliminates the costs of expensive ISDN/PSTN, mobile and landline calls by providing free calls. Thereby you can also remove the maintenance costs, SIP Trunks, IT overheads and so on. You can manage your communication at a fixed monthly cost, that too within your budget.
In 2016, Cloud Telephony is being used by all modern businesses and benefiting from the advantages. For a better tomorrow, better technology and savings is required. Cloud Telephony is the solution for all communication systems in a business that can bring you great ROI.