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The hidden business of tipsters

In recent years we have been able to see how in most languages we find more and more tipsters who share their bets through, mainly, social networks or messaging applications such as Telegram.

While many of them expose themselves publicly and it is known who is behind the accounts that offer sports betting tips, many of them remain anonymous, hidden behind a nickname.

In many occasions these tipsters offer their services for free, sharing with their users bets and sports betting tips, but they do it mainly to attract new users who end up paying for their paid service or VIP service.

And although tipsters have been working for a long time in countries like the United Kingdom, a country with a great tradition in sports betting, nowadays we can find them in any country. From European countries, where they are also very popular, to Latin American countries or Asia (in Japan they are growing a lot as we can see here).

But what is the hidden business of tipsters?

A few years ago, some journalists made an investigative report about tipsters and how they took users to bookmakers to make them lose money there. They had an agreement with the bookmakers they worked with to charge a percentage of what the users registered through them lost at the bookmaker for life. Therefore, once the user had registered with the bookmaker through the user’s referral link, the tipster received benefits every time the user lost money.

That is why it is much more advisable to follow websites that offer forecasts and sports news instead of tipsters that appear to be free as well. Specialized websites usually earn a fixed fee for advertising, not being interested in the user losing money so that they can earn higher commissions.

The exception: professional tipsters

There is an exception and they are the really professional tipsters. These tipsters offer hardly any free content: if you want to receive their tips, you need to pay for access. These tipsters are not cheap either, as the rates start from 100$ per month, but you usually get that amount back with the bets placed.

The problem of account limitations

Another added problem is that many bookmakers, when you win money on a continuous basis, end up limiting your betting amount to such low amounts that you will barely be able to make a profit. We are talking about maybe allowing you to bet $1 on certain markets, where you have historically made money following the tipsters’ advice. That is precisely one of the reasons why professional tipsters make money selling their knowledge and not placing their bets: if they are winners they are probably limited at most bookmakers.

Precautions when choosing an online bookmaker

A good way to choose the right bookmaker is to follow the recommendations of specialized sites, as with any other product or service on the Internet. If the websites specialized in sports betting analyze a bookmaker and consider that it is good enough to recommend it, it is almost certain that they will not be wrong. However, if we follow the recommendations of a tipster hidden behind the anonymity of a social network, we can end up in a bookmaker that turns out to be a fraud and that has simply been recommended because they have paid money to be recommended by the tipster.

Even so, and even if a bookmaker recommended by a sports betting website or one that talks about bookmakers appears, there is something missing that we must take into account: make sure that it has a gambling license issued by a regulatory authority.

The license can belong to many different countries and, in fact, the least important thing is where you get the license from. As long as they have it, they will have to comply with certain transparency and security requirements for their users, so the simple fact of having a valid license is enough.

This assures us that they will not take our funds without justification or that they will try to swindle us in some way, so it is very important to verify the gaming license they have. You will usually find it at the bottom of the bookmaker’s website.

And remember, always play responsibly and just for fun, as betting is not a way to make easy money despite some tipster selling this idea to his followers.