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The 4 Benefits of New Technology in the Workplace

Technology makes the world go round. The overall efficiency of technology helps workplaces to finish in-house tasks faster, get customers serviced quicker, and help with productivity among co-workers.

Let’s discuss four benefits of new technology in the workplace. When you get home from work, enjoy your favorite online casino games. Try your luck at slots, or Black Jack or another game based on your desired betting stakes.

1. Keeps Your Business Competitive Amongst Like Companies

Faster technology means that you can service your customers more quickly. For example, chat software will keep your customers connected with customer service representatives when messages are sent back and forth; speed matters, especially when a customer is very upset and trying to settle a dispute.

According to one chatbot study on speed between Crisp Chat, Zendesk, Drift, Intercom, and Freshchat, Crisp Chat was the fastest because its 164 kilobytes of speed was the lowest among the other figures. Lower kilobytes mean faster loading times. Zendesk had the longest loading time at 1 MB.

Crisp was able to load the chat within 641 ms versus the one second of loading time for Zendesk. Milliseconds can matter when it comes to servicing an upset customer, so the faster, the better.

2. Better Technology Security

Better technology security will protect your business assets and customer information profiles. If it has been a while since your business updated its malware software, now is the time to do so.

Analyze the benefits of your current company’s malware and technology security software. If you can find a company that gives better security features than your current one, switch over to the new company for enhanced security measures.

It is not just the software’s job to keep all the assets protected. Reassure that your employees using your company computers know the signs of a cyber security breach with cyber security awareness training across the company for all workers, managers, and higher-level leadership positions.

3. More Accurate and Productive Workplace

When co-workers communicate over email, it should be done so clearly and efficiently so that there are no messages lost in translation. Hence, signing up for the premium version of Grammarly and having it installed on all company computers will help to fix office representatives’ grammar and sentence structure.

Messages should be succinct and to the point without too much wordiness. If poor grammar or misspelled words are in an email, Grammarly can recognize the inconsistencies and recommend the corrections for the writer.

The accuracy of well-written emails will lead to a more productive workplace. Using Grammarly when chatting with customers can help them to see that the company is the utmost professional

4. Better Payroll Disbursement Processes

If your company is using a payroll company that takes too long to disburse payments to workers, this can create an unsatisfied workforce. This may lead to people trying to find a new job so that they can be paid timely for the work they put in.

Update your payroll company based on how fast they disburse payments to your workers. If it is not working with your current payroll company, do your research to find a new one and keep your workers satisfied.

Final Thoughts

We hope you update the technology in your business as soon as possible for added benefits of a competitive edge, enhanced productivity, and better customer service. How has new technology benefited your small business? Let us know in the comments!