Know thy enemy

A hacker is a technological specialist who uses their knowledge of computers, networks, or other technical systems to find an unconventional solution to a problem.

How valuable is my data?

It includes Personally Identifiable Information (PII), emails, social media activity, and browsing habits.

Personally Identifiable Information

Your name, home and email addresses, date of birth, relationship status, details about your family, education, career history, social security number.

Email and socials

Email, while still an effective communication tool, provides access to your registered accounts.

Browsing habits

Your internet service provider keeps an eye on your activity, and website cookies and browser add-ons can keep track of the pages you visit

The basics of cyber-hygiene

You should be wary if you notice apps you don’t remember downloading or too many pop-ups appearing on your device.

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Secure your connection with a VPN

An open network is very susceptible to cybersecurity threats and is simple to exploit.

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Two-factor authentication

Whatever the name, all of them refer to taking an additional step when reputable websites and applications ask you to verify that you are who you say you are.

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Don’t trust every link

You may open your email to notice a link that seems slightly off. It appears to be something you’ve seen, but it demands a password change.

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