Online Scams and Frauds

These people target inexperienced traders and set up fake crypto wallets and trading apps that download malware to their unsuspecting victim’s device.

High Level of Volatility

Compared to more traditional assets, cryptocurrencies have higher levels of volatility.

Unregulated Status

Cryptocurrencies are fairly new, and some laws and regulations have not caught up with the technologies that digital currencies use.

Susceptibility to Errors

Technical glitches can take place, even within blockchain networks that are backed by an active community of cryptography and tech enthusiasts

Forks and Discontinuations

If they are unable to reach a consensus, forks or network splits can take place, and this can lead to the existence of alternative chains.

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Security Breaches and Seizures

Some cryptography tools also fall victim to financial criminals due to their weak security systems.

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Property Class and Legal Considerations

Cryptocurrencies exist in a gray area, as some government agencies and organizations still cannot agree on how the asset should be classified

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Business Registration and Use

There are businesses that trade and pay salaries in the form of cryptocurrencies

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Exchanges Located Outside the Country

If the exchange has good customer service, then you have a chance of resolving the issues you’ve encountered.

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Decentralized Status

The decentralized status of cryptocurrencies is a double-edged sword.

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