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SEO tips for Small Businesses Time Strapped Entrepreneurs

SEO forms a firm foundation for the success of small businesses. When a small business executes SEO poorly, chances of it growing and scaling are low. It may end up like the TV shows that air at night using an obscure channel. Regardless of how good the show is, it cannot gain a good following as it is hard to find, and it airs on odd hours. Similarly, regardless of how wonderful or potent the small business is, if the search engine does not rank it favorably on the search engine results page, potential clients will have a hard time finding it. As an entrepreneur, when you use the correct SEO strategy, website traffic rises, brand visibility improves, and revenue improves. Therefore, the business grows stronger and has more sales opportunities. Search is becoming an increasingly crucial revenue driver for both B2C and B2B companies. Hence, when you start your business without a proper SEO strategy, you are likely to have more competitors take business from you. In this post, we will look at SEO for small businesses, especially the time-strapped ones.

Establish authority using links

The best way to gain authority is to have quality backlinks on your website. Search engines can differentiate quantity and quality. Thus, it is critical to have an authority site linking back to your website. With such, the search engine knows your site is worth reading. To develop quality backlinks, you need to craft an outreach strategy. You do not need to be very technical on this. You can simply open a spreadsheet, and jot down the email, contacts, and mobile numbers of all necessary businesses, bloggers, and influencers. Alternatively, you can research where your competitors are getting their links from and shoot from similar places. Establishing your website as an authority takes effort and time.

On-page SEO

This is about the words that you use on your webpage. The primary aim here is to create engaging and exciting content that will drive traffic. However, it is also vital to structure the posts in a way that makes it easier to find them on the SERP. These include practices like:

  • Optimizing your headlines and page titles
  • Cleaning up your meta tags
  • Ensuring that you use the proper tags on the header

Start by checking out the most essential web pages. You can use the on-page SEO tool for tackling this.

Keyword research

One of the best ways for writing quality and valuable content is to know what the potential customers may look for. If you do this correctly, the search engine will rank your website on the SERP favorably. Many tools can help you in performing keyword research like SEMrush, Ahrefs, and google trends. Some are free, and others are premium. Once the correct keywords have been identified, the next step is to create engaging and engaging content around the keyword. You can use the google autocomplete feature to get the suggestions. These suggestions represent the phrases that are searched the most.

Focusing on the Local SEO

Nearly 33% of all the searches on the mobile are queries based on locations, for instance, “salons near me.” Even if “near me” is not used, Google’s algorithm will automatically prioritize the local options. Search Engine Results Pages are teeing up the small businesses to succeed using Local SEO. Therefore, it is critical to capitalize on this opportunity. The most essential part of local SEO is setting up the Google My Business Profile. It is easy and free to maintain. Ensure that you use the same Business Name, Location, and phone number throughout the profile. Ensure you enter all the details. Otherwise, the information will not appear on the Google Search Results. As the reviews from the customers come in, you will get alerts. You can respond to these alerts and start a conversation. For a kind and personable person, this can bolster your small business footing in the community.
The other vital feature of Google my business is the Q&A section. You can answer the questions that you think may arise for the potential customers to have a seamless experience.

Focusing on the technical SEO

This refers to the measures you put in place to enable the search engine crawlers to read and index your site properly. How fast does the website load? Do all the links work? Is the website secure? You should answer all these questions when you focus on technical SEO. Regardless of the quality of your content, technical SEO can reduce the ability of your website to rank high on the Search engine results page. Therefore, before rewriting your content, check its quality technically.
Some technical SEO aspects need to be handled by the experts. These include things like; data security, updating the encryption protocols, structuring the data, and optimizing the page speed. If you are not having a technical background;

  • You can prune the non-performing old pages
  • Fix the old and broken links
  • Create and submit a sitemap to google, and
  • Optimize your graphic content

Streamlining content marketing

Content marketing is both time and energy-consuming. For small, resource-strapped businesses, the following tips can help you get some bucks from content marketing;

Using Videos

It is faster to create a video than write an article. Internet users are known consumers of video content. Therefore, adding video to your content is a good idea although it may not save time. To optimize your videos for SEO, you can use tools like Wistia.

Take advantage of social media and other channels of distribution

Do not rely only on organic search. As a small business, for you to succeed you have to hustle. Identify the distribution channels that apply to post your content and also share it on social media. You can start with Reddit or Twitter.

Use templates

You can use the same format for your landing pages or some of your content. It reduces the cognitive load for bringing up a new idea. This makes it easier to locate and navigate your content. With such reliable content, your SEO efforts can start yielding results.


As a small business entrepreneur, you have to SEO on point. You can not lose on this one. A website can help you create an online brand and connect with millions of prospective buyers online. However, you may have strained resources. The above SEO tips can improve your ranking on SERP, increase conversions and help you build a brand online with minimal resources.

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