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QA Consultants: Improving Software Quality by Delivering Reliable Software Testing Services

Headquartered in a massive 30,000 square foot facility in central Toronto, with more than 200 skilled employees QA Consultants is an award winning provider of software testing and quality assurance solutions. The organization has successfully delivered more than 5,000 mission-critical projects in the private, public and not-for-profit sectors over the last two decades. Within those sectors, the company has extensive testing experience and depth in the automotive industry, banking, consumer goods, insurance, media and advertising, public affairs, retail, technology, and travel and tourism industries.
In an ongoing effort to maintain its status as a leader in research and innovation, and with the continuing support of the National Research Council of Canada, QA Consultants founded, developed and built a large facility in Toronto devoted solely to testing. The Test Factory™ is a continuous quality test lab incorporating a precise combination of intelligence applied to advanced levels of automation.
The Test Factory pairs the skilled labor and expertise of its staff with its proprietary testing methodologies. This unique blend provides QA Consultants’ clients with unparalleled and superior quality service. QA Consultants delivers onshore quality and performance at low offshore prices. The Test Factory™ alone or in partnership with its Managed Consulting Services and On Demand Testing™ delivers highly effective testing and QA solutions to its wide range of clients.
A Visionary Torchbearer
Alex Rodov is the Managing Partner and Founder of QA Consultants, which he founded back in 1994 in order to provide local access to software testing. Alex was one of the first to treat quality assurance as a field of its own, and his enduring contribution to the field has been to establish software testing as a specific skill set. He established QA Consultants as a dedicated local testing center of excellence featuring on-demand local access to professional testers with a wide range of field expertise.
Under his leadership, the company has grown from a groundbreaking idea into a cutting-edge quality assurance company recognized as a market leader and a category killer in the multi-billion-dollar North American software testing industry. Alex has been widely recognized for his visionary leadership, including being selected by Ernst and Young as the Ontario Entrepreneur of the Year in 2013. His pioneering innovations have resulted in QA Consultants receiving the 2012 Business Excellence Award from the Toronto Board of Trade and a Deloitte designation as one of the best-managed companies in Canada in 2013.
In 2017, for the third year in a row, Clutch Research Inc., an independent research firm in Boston, in a worldwide annual survey reaffirmed QA Consultants as the Top Systems Application Testing Firm.
When Testing Became a Part of Product Development Life Cycle
During the technological response to the Y2K threat in the late 1990s, testing began to emerge as a separate service which led to the birth of QA Consultants. Very quickly this service became an essential component of the product development life cycle. Along with procedural methodology, testing paved the way for the company’s success as the organization moved into a new millennium. QA Consultants understood early on that the key is a specialized workforce that is skilled, accessible and flexible, making it possible to provide a wide range of industries with just the right solution for their rabidly growing software development environments.
QA Consultants also believe, with the massive adaption of internet, enterprise systems, and cloud solutions the need for testing at multiple points is vital in order to survive in this ever-competitive market. In today’s IT world, rigorous testing enables great employee and client/customer interaction and also actively aids with the career success of those responsible for delivering great solutions to the marketplace.
Throughout the years QA Consultants has been recognized as a prominent employer and job creator, and continuously encourages and promotes ongoing training and career advancement.
Tackling Uneven Roads and Preparing for Better Future
Surveys by Forrester, the world Quality Report and others show that 32-50 percent, of IT budgets are spent on testing. Despite this expenditure, vendors often use designers to do their testing which is not correct. Companies don’t perform their due diligence when it comes to security testing, they put up a firewall, when most of the time, the real threat comes from within.
QA Consultants’ competition is usually a jack of all trades, where testing is just another line of service they provide. Its clients realize that when an organization dabbles in everything then it is not great at anything. QA Consultants is dedicated to its clients. No one wants to deal with offshore testers. By now, most of its clients are burn victims as a result of shoddy offshore work. Being the largest software onshore testing provider in North America, QA Consultants has the largest testing facility dedicated to software testing on the continent.
The organization is planning to continue market leadership in the software space. Recently, it has signed a multi-year contract with some of the largest companies and multiple levels of government in North America. This plays into QA Consultants’ plan of expansion into becoming the world leader in testing of autonomous vehicles. The organization sees its future move into that space of remarkable software and embedded technology.
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