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Phoenix Contact: Empowering Electrical and Industrial Automation Technologies Globally

PHOENIX CONTACT, founded in 1923, with headquarters in Germany is a leading manufacturer of electrical connection, electronic interface, and industrial automation technology. The firm’s worldwide distribution activities are effected via a global network with 16,500 employees, 50 own subsidiaries and more than 40 subsidiaries in Europe and Overseas. Its production network includes five production sites in Germany and eleven production facilities in various parts of the globe.
PHOENIX CONTACT Middle East, established in Dubai under TECOM in 2008, is also a part of a network of global sales subsidiaries and distribution centers. The company’s reliable presence in the region brings Phoenix Contact’s products and expertise into closer proximity to its clients and partners in the Middle East and Northeast Africa. The firm’s highly trained and qualified sales, marketing, technical support, logistics, and operational teams are available to support and accommodate the growing demand of our clients throughout the area.
Phoenix Contact produces with a high vertical range of manufacture in twelve countries all over the world. The product range comprises components and system solutions for energy supply including wind and solar, device and machine building as well as control cabinet engineering. A diverse product range of modular terminal blocks and special-purpose terminals, printed circuit terminal blocks and plug connectors, cable connection technology and installation accessories offers innovative components. Electronic interfaces and power supplies, automation systems functions on the basis of Ethernet and wireless, safety solutions for man, machine, data, and also surge protection systems as well as software programs and tools provide installers and operators of systems as well as device manufacturers with comprehensive system solutions.
A Forerunner of the Company 
Hugo Knuemann is the Founder of Phoenix Contact. In the early 1920’s, the journey of Phoenix Contact has begun; the company was founded in 1923 in Essen, Germany, as a commercial agency for electrical products. The core business at the beginning was for the contact wire terminals for streetcars and also the company has continuously grown over 90 years by people with ideas, drive and enthusiasm throughout Germany and in every continent. Phoenix Contact engaged with its key trends that were recognized early and served with the right products such as terminal blocks, electronics, fieldbus technology, and renewable energies.
Advancing Automation Industry Space 
The products of Phoenix Contact are used in all types of applications in which processes need to be automated, where the flow of current and data has to be connected, distributed and controlled. The targeted application areas include industrial production sites as well as solar plants, building technology, tunnels, and energy or water supply systems. The benefits for the customer often go far beyond the mere function of the device, because Phoenix Contact helps them to design more efficient processes and to reduce costs.
Projecting Passion for Technology 
Phoenix Contact’s history has been shaped by a passion for innovation and technology. For generations, the firm has been committed to offering its customers the best quality in every respect. This approach of ingenuity goes hand in hand with real attention to detail. In terms of the future, Phoenix Contact continues to invest in groundbreaking technology and in new products which will lead the industry in the upcoming times. The company is also focusing on process execution based on a truly unique component of the company’s passion for technology. Our mission statement is “To create progress with innovative and inspiring solutions while building trusting relationships with our customers and business partners and offering them the best possible solutions for their electrical engineering and automation tasks” added Iyad.; the General Manager at Phoenix Contact Middle East.
Safeguarding Customer Involvement 
At Phoenix Contact, the firm’s approach is based on a solid foundation of trust and partnership towards its customers. This factor motivates the company to take responsibility and gives it the needed freedom to come up with new ideas. Iyad also added that the Phoenix Contact team really enjoys working together to meet the objectives. In this way, they’re also safeguarding their economic success in the future and remaining a competitive and reliable partner for inspiring technology. Also, in order to work together as closely as possible with their customers, they have established reliable local structures, supported by trusted channel partners to support their customers in their business wherever they are in the Middle East and Northeast Africa.
Impelling Automation Industry for Forthcoming Future 
“This is an interesting time for our industry, as we see several changes in the way business is conducted. The trend of digitalization of the industry, also known as “Industry 4.0,” is a key focus for Phoenix Contact, and we are transforming our company so that we too are ready and actively involved in this new industrial revolution.” asserts Iyad Madanat. The aim is to always do things in a faster and more efficient manner, so that the growing needs of the population are always met in the best possible way. With our local presence and quality services that we are able to provide through our local teams, we will continue to be the partner of choice for our customers along their journey to a connected world.”, he continued.
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