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Pangea Translation Services: Gaming and Trading Specialists with High-Quality, Professional Translators

The language service industry is increasingly being supported by different technologies. There are companies that consider this as undesirable but some experts believe it is an exciting time to be at the forefront of this revolution. Language service providers are deploying modern technology to core language operations such as spellcheck and eliminating grammatical errors.
This has allowed expert translators to leave basic language operations to the machine and focus on their core objective of recreating/translating the essence of the original document. Due to the inclusion of modern technology, businesses have achieved higher productivity and efficiency in many cases. A company that is helping clients achieve such results is Pangea Translation Services. Located in Cyprus, this firm has adopted modern and up to date technology in the industry in order to stay ahead of the curve.
As a Translation and Localization company, Pangea focuses on delivering high-quality end product, professional service and fast turnaround. It specializes in a variety of sectors including online trading (Forex, Cryptocurrency, Binary), iGaming (Casino, Sports Betting, Lottery, Bingo) and video games (mobile, social, PCs/consoles). Real estate and tourism are two new sectors they are testing at the moment and they are recruiting the linguists needed to offer a high quality specialized result. The professional linguists at Pangea have the experience and knowledge to translate various kinds of content ranging from articles, mailers, manuals, legal documents and platforms. They ensure that correct terminology is used, especially in sensitive industries such as the legal sector so that the original context is maintained. Currently, Pangea is offering localization services in over 50 languages. Its objective is to help businesses reach new markets worldwide by delivering impactful content in these competitive markets.
A Passionate Leader
Michal Shinitzky is the Managing Director at Pangea Translation Services. She has over twenty years of experience in localization, software development and linguistics. Throughout her career, Michal combined her technical knowledge, linguistic curiosity and passion which helped her play an important role in managing the localization departments of several prestigious companies. In 2015, Michal decided to expand her horizons and explore different options which led to her experiencing many challenges. She then established Pangea Translation Services and today, she is bringing additional expertise to the language industry with her passion and experience.
A Cutting-Edge Translation Service
The company’s project management services are catered to client needs. Some of its clients request for more tech-based support or for localization consultancy and Pangea’s project management team can deliver just that. Apart from this, the project managers identify the needs of each client and propose additional services such as copywriting or localized graphic design. This way, it reassures the clients that Pangea is aware of their marketing needs too.
Although the company is rapidly growing as a fast-paced company, it still manages to nurture a close relationship between its project managers and clients. It embeds strict quality checks as part of the entire package and takes pride in achieving thoroughness and accuracy as a standard practice. Over the years, the company has learned to balance quality and speed to meet client expectations.
Sometimes, it uses cutting-edge translation technology to achieve the best results. The company only uses technology to a certain extent with translation management systems and translation memory, ensuring that all human jobs such as the actual translations are performed by linguist experts. To undertake these detailed operations, Pangea divides its translators into teams based on industry expertise. For instance, it never offers a chance for a financial writer to translate a piece on gaming.
Nowadays, Pangea has the capability to offer quality and fast turnaround services to its clients. It also recruits and delegates the right staff members who can support Pangea to achieve its missions and conquer the next milestone.
Future Expansion
The Pangea team expresses that their journey has been an interesting and surprising one so far. They find every experience to be filled with positive and refreshing vibes. The bright side of working for Pangea is the challenge present in every new project. About its future, although the company hasn’t delved too deeply into translations for multimedia experiences, it is dipping its toes into the water by offering subtitling services. As the director of the company, Michal says, “We are keen on looking further into audio, video and multimedia localization services in the near future.”
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