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Nine Compelling Reasons to Get an MBA

Congratulations! You’ve finally completed your undergraduate degree and may consider furthering your education with a Master of Business Administration (MBA). An MBA is one of the most rewarding educational investments you can make. It offers invaluable benefits to your personal and professional growth.

There are currently 155,996 students enrolled in MBA programs in the US, and the number is multiplying.

So are you also considering pursuing an MBA? An advanced business degree can open the doors to a world of opportunity and leadership possibilities. But it’s essential to invest the dollars for the right reasons.

Here are ten good reasons to get an MBA:

  1. Increased Earning Potential

Job security and high satisfaction are two main reasons many pursue an MBA. With a graduate degree, you can expect to earn 50% more money in the long run than someone with less education. And that number is likely to continue to rise as businesses increasingly value employees with advanced degrees.

The average salary of an individual with an MBA is around $105,684 per year. That’s a significant jump in earning power compared to the average salary of an individual with just a Bachelor’s degree which is around $52,000.

  • Easy to pursue an MBA

All business schools around the world offer MBA programs. It means you have plenty of options to choose from, both domestically and internationally. You can even pursue an online MBA if the traditional classroom experience isn’t for you.

For instance, suppose you’re a New Yorker attracted to Missouri’s accredited online entrepreneurship or business analytics programs. In that case, you can easily get a degree from one of the online MBA programs in Missouri without ever leaving New York City.

Online programs offer the same quality instruction as their traditional counterparts, and the job market for online MBA holders is growing.

  • Valuable Connections

An MBA can connect you with a powerful and influential alum network. These contacts can help you find jobs, expand your professional network, and even open doors to investment opportunities.

You’ll also have the chance to build relationships with faculty members with invaluable knowledge and insights you won’t find in textbooks.

Your fellow students, who come from various backgrounds, are another excellent source for networking. You’ll get exposure to different cultures, ideas, and perspectives that can expand your understanding of the business world.

So, you’re extracting more than just theoretical knowledge from the program; you’re also building relationships that could benefit you for years to come.

  • Personal Development

Aside from the professional reasons for getting an MBA, plenty of personal rewards are associated with the program. You’ll gain first-hand experience working on large-scale projects, developing creative solutions to complex problems, and honing your communication skills.

You’ll also learn valuable time-management and organizational skills as you juggle coursework, internship responsibilities, and other commitments.

An MBA will help you expand your knowledge base and develop the critical thinking skills essential in any field.

In terms of personal growth, an MBA is an invaluable investment.

  • Leadership Development

Do you have aspirations of becoming a business leader? This role takes more than technical know-how; it requires strong relational and communication skills. An MBA can provide the tools to hone these skills, enabling you to think strategically, manage teams effectively, and make data-driven decisions.

You’ll also learn how to be an effective leader within your organization and how to motivate others. It’ll improve your confidence. These are essential skills in any field and can help you develop your career path or even launch your own business.

  • Develop Marketable Skills

Are you looking to change careers or break into a new field? Do you want to develop new skills that are in high demand? Digital literacy, emotional intelligence, and collaboration are all skills that employers are seeking.

An MBA program will help you develop these skills and prepare you for the ever-changing business landscape. The knowledge and skills to work across industries and disciplines make you a more attractive job candidate.

  • Higher Mobility

An MBA will open up more doors, allowing you to explore different career paths. You’ll have more job options and be able to specialize in a particular area of interest. Finance, marketing, or operations are just a few options that an MBA can offer.

You can move up within your organization or transition into a different industry with an MBA. It can also allow you to take on managerial roles and have more influence and control over your career trajectory.

  • Global Availability

Having an MBA is especially beneficial if you want to pursue international opportunities. Business schools offer attractive programs and specialize in different areas of the business world. You’ll have the opportunity to participate in a global learning experience and collaborate with professionals from different cultures.

For instance, opportunities like the Global Entrepreneurship Program can help you gain experience in different countries, work with established entrepreneurs, and explore new markets.

You can also participate in international internships and exchange programs, where you can develop the skills and connections to help further your career.

  • Start your Business

Finally, pursuing an MBA can help you start your own business. An MBA program will give you the foundational knowledge of how to run a successful business. You’ll learn the fundamentals of accounting and financial management, marketing strategies, and product development.

You’ll also gain access to a network of entrepreneurs and investors who can provide guidance and support.

These skills will enable you to create a solid business plan, find the right investors, and attract customers. With the right plan, an MBA can provide the resources and connections to help you achieve your entrepreneurial goals.


There are specific prerequisites for pursuing an MBA, such as earning a bachelor’s degree and having several years of work experience. If you’re an international student, you’ll need to demonstrate a high level of English proficiency.

But if you meet the requirements and are willing to commit, an MBA can open up a world of possibilities. It can help you develop marketable skills, provide leadership development, and allow you to pursue international opportunities.

Since the cost of an MBA can vary, be sure to research your options and compare the various programs. Consider the cost of tuition, housing, books, and other fees to decide on the best option for your future.

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