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Nikki Corson, Prissy Nikki CEO, Crafts Glam Lashes Designed to Make Women Feel Natural, Bold and Beautiful

Bold meets beautiful in CEO Nikki Corson and her empowered lash company

Prissy Nikki CEO Nikki Corson knows that the beauty that women present on the surface needs to resonate with an inner feeling of beauty in order to fully resonate.

The glam lash company founder is pursuing her personal passion of empowering other female professionals to lead with more confidence and style while they embrace their unique beauty and fierceness.

The Prissy Nikki brand mission is empowering women to show their beauty and fierceness. I never want them to shy away from it but to revel in it with confidence,” said Corson. “Our variety of alternate options for high-quality lashes made with premium ingredients bring out your natural bold and beautiful self!”

Evolving Beauty

Though lashes are a part of many women’s daily beauty routines and have been for many years, more and more, the beauty industry is turning towards more natural and handmade products than ever before.

Gone are the disposable lashes of yesterday. Today’s high-end beauty consumers want to pamper themselves with the style, comfort, and quality of a more indulgent and beautiful product. Prissy Nikki offers these natural and reusable lashes that are as feminine as they are fun.

And to the naysayers, Corson says, “I love the devil’s advocates out there. If you’re supposed to love yourself, why wear false lashes, they’ll ask. My response is that loving oneself does not preclude appreciating one’s own inherent beauty.

I want to take care of myself. That is an amazing manifestation of self-love.”

Lashes Worth Batting

Corson has been wearing lashes daily for over 15 years — she has even slept in them without any issues. She considers those years of research for the product line she knew she wanted to create one day. Today, Prissy Nikki offers a different product from other lash companies: reusable, ultra-high-quality, and handmade VEGAN lashes infused with Corson’s inimitable fierce and beautiful style.

The entrepreneur calls herself a lash addict and can apply the gorgeous — but frustrating for many of us — accessories in 30 seconds or less.

But, before you start beating yourself up over the 30 minutes that most of us take to apply lashes, know that they were just as hard for the founder when she began wearing them.

“The first time I did it, I had glue all over my face as we were getting ready for a night out; it was so stressful! If you’ve never worn eyelashes before, practice on inexpensive ones first before investing in our designer eyelashes, and do so well in advance of your event,” advised Corson

Beauty and Self-Love

Along the journey to launching her company, Corson realized that her lashes helped with her self-love, which she struggled with in her younger years.

Today, the lash guru knows that beauty is closely related to self-love and self-care and that we all need to make sure we are loving ourselves enough each day of our journey.

I didn’t even realize I didn’t love myself when I was younger. I had such a strong sense of self, and I didn’t realize that it was being used to mask my severe insecurities, Corson recalled. I pretended to be confident while being so cruel to myself. Many women, in my opinion, can identify with that.

Spreading Her Message

Corson’s message about loving yourself and treating yourself to beautiful and natural products is one that she expands on in her podcast, Life Amplified with Nikki, where she addresses topics that make a difference in women’s lives, their health, and their looks.

And women are listening and responding to the messages she’s sharing.

Women approach me to say I inspired them and helped them realize they needed to make some changes in their own lives. Hearing that means the world to me. She remarked, “I feel like I’m doing my job.

Corson’s story is an inspiring founder’s tale of bringing a gorgeous product with a beautiful mission and message to the market.

About Nikki Corson

Nikki Corson, the CEO of Prissy Nikki, is a formidable figure who offers premium lashes to enhance your inherent beauty and boldness. Nikki is a recipient of the Women’s Entrepreneur VIP Award, a three-state certified roofing contractor, and one of the top three roofing contractors in Georgia. Life Amplified with Nikki, a well-known podcast, is hosted by her as well. Visit for more details on where to purchase premium eyelashes.

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