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Netflix to Slash Subscription Cost in Around 3 dozen Countries

In over 30 countries, Netflix Inc is lowering the cost of its subscription service as it wants to tackle the password sharing.

There are price reductions for Netflix subscriptions in a number of nations, including Yemen, Jordan, Libya, Iran, Kenya, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Nicaragua, and Ecuador.

According to the research, the United States is not one of the countries benefiting from the price reduction.

The decision stands in stark contrast to several other streaming services, like Disney and Amazon Prime, who have raised their rates recently. Netflix upped its U.S. offering’s prices as recently as 2022.

Netflix is implementing anti-password-sharing measures in a number of nations, including Chile, Costa Rica, Peru, Canada, New Zealand, Portugal, and Spain. These measures include establishing a primary address for the account and giving subscribers the option to add an additional member to their account for an additional monthly fee.

The timing and extent of those changes are not yet clear, but Netflix may soon begin implementing some of those new regulations in the United States.

Currently, there are four different monthly subscription plans offered by Netflix: basic with advertisements ($6.99), basic ($9.99), standard ($15.49), and premium ($19.99). Unlimited devices may be used to log in under a single account for all four subscription tiers in the U.S., but only a restricted number of users may watch at once.

Netflix has been re-evaluating its relationship with its subscribers despite its shifting user base. In November of last year, Netflix launched an ad-supported tier that was advertised as being less expensive than an ad-free membership. Naturally, Basic with Advertising received little attention when it originally launched and had the lowest usage among new customers in its first month.

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