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Making the Most of Your Office Happy Hour

A Guide

The office can often feel like a second home, with employees spending most of their day there. As a result, building a healthy and inviting work atmosphere that promotes well-being and fosters a feeling of community is critical. Hosting office happy hours is one method to do this.

Office happy hours are a great way to bring employees together outside the typical work setting and provide an opportunity to socialize and connect in a relaxed atmosphere. Whether it’s to celebrate a company milestone or simply to unwind after a busy week, office happy hours can positively impact employee morale and job satisfaction.

According to a report by Inc., 89% of Millennial employees say being happy at work is a significant reason they remain, and 66% say that office perks like food and drinks keep them satisfied and motivated.

This article will explore the benefits of office happy hours, the importance of choosing the right catering services, and other factors to consider when planning a successful event. From budgeting and timing to decorating the space and following alcohol laws, we will cover all the key elements to ensure that your office happy hour is a hit.

Benefits of Office Happy Hours

Improved team cohesiveness and communication are one of the primary advantages of workplace happy hours. By providing employees with a relaxed, fun environment to connect, you can encourage better communication and collaboration, which can positively impact team dynamics and overall job satisfaction.

According to a Forbes article, research suggests a clear correlation between employee happiness and overall productivity and innovation. Happy workers are up to 20% more productive than their unhappy counterparts.

Additionally, office happy hours can also provide opportunities for employees to network and build relationships with one another, which can be valuable for building a solid company culture. Other benefits of office happy hours are improved morale, increased motivation, and enhanced work relationships.

Catering Services for Office Happy Hours

When the time comes for you to plan an office happy hour, using a catering service can take the stress out of the process. Catering companies offer various options, including appetizers and finger foods, beverage services with beer, wine, and non-alcoholic choices, and customized menus based on dietary restrictions or preferences.

They can also handle the professional setup and clean-up of the event, freeing up time for the host to focus on other aspects. By choosing a catering service, you can ensure that the event runs smoothly and that everyone is well-fed and hydrated.

Types of Snacks

There are many options for snacks to serve during office happy hour. Consider doing items such as chips and dips, cheese and crackers, vegetable and fruit platters, mini sandwiches and wraps, and sweet treats like cookies or brownies.

These alternatives provide a wide range of flavors and textures likely to suit everyone. A selection of sweet and savory choices and vegetarian and non-vegetarian options will guarantee that everyone is satisfied.

Drink Options

It is critical to provide drink alternatives to accommodate everyone’s tastes. Consider serving beer, wine, and non-alcoholic options such as soda, iced tea, or lemonade. For a fun twist, consider serving signature cocktails or customizing drink stations with a coffee or hot cocoa bar.

Whatever drink alternatives you pick, have enough water on hand for hydration. It’s also important to keep in mind any alcohol laws and regulations and make sure that the event is managed responsibly.

Location and Atmosphere

The location and atmosphere of the event are just as crucial as the snacks and drinks served. Consider holding the event in a common area, such as a break room or conference room, and decorate the space with balloons, streamers, and other festive decorations. Soft background music may also contribute to the creation of a peaceful and pleasurable ambiance.

Budgeting and Timing

When planning an office happy hour, it’s essential to consider the budget and timing of the event. It’s best to hold the event after work hours, typically from 5-7 pm, to allow employees to participate fully without worrying about work responsibilities.

The event budget might vary based on the size of the organization and the degree of catering services needed. Consider creating a budget for food, beverages, décor, and other event-related expenses.


In conclusion, office happy hours are a great way to bring employees together and boost morale. By offering a variety of snacks and drinks, utilizing catering services, and choosing the right location and atmosphere, you can ensure that your office happy hour is a success. With improved team cohesion, increased motivation, and enhanced work relationships, an office happy hour can be a valuable investment for any company.

However, it’s essential to also keep in mind budgeting and timing, as well as following any alcohol laws and regulations, to ensure that the event is managed responsibly. With some planning and preparation, you can create a memorable and enjoyable event that everyone will look forward to.

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