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Making the most of a home viewing

Home viewings can be a fascinating experience. But if you don’t make the most of the time available, you can potentially miss out on a wonderful new place, or worse still, make a huge mistake and buy somewhere unsuitable.

Businesses like Compass Real Estate pride themselves on finding the best possible house for their clients. If you want to find your own dream home, stick to these tips and make the most of your next home viewing experience.

Explore the storage spaces

Don’t just focus on the larger spaces. Try to think about how all of your belongings will fit into this home. Would your furniture and other essentials fit comfortably into these areas? Can everyday items and appliances find homes here, or will you end up feeling too cramped?

Double-check for dampness

It’s normal for a home that’s up for sale to get a fresh coat of paint. But make sure there’s nothing hidden under those new colors. Dampness can be an expensive issue to fix, and it’s not always easy to spot. Look closely at the ceilings and skirting boards for watermarks.

Get a second opinion from someone you trust

There’s nothing like an extra pair of eyes to provide you with some support and a fresh perspective. Invite someone you trust to come with you and tackle that viewing together.

Test out a few appliances

As long as you don’t overstep any boundaries (please do remember you’re still technically a guest in someone else’s home!), you’re within your rights to test out some appliances and other essentials. Open windows, test faucets for water pressure and try each door in every room.

Go at your own pace

With a combination of realtors, homeowners, and other viewers to contend with, it’s easy to feel rushed during an open house. But this is an important decision, and it’s vital that you stand your ground a little and get a true feel for the house.

Don’t overlook the outside areas

Don’t forget to check the exteriors of a place. Look at the window shutters, the guttering, the outer piping, the yard, and the quality of the paving that leads up to the house. Be sure there won’t be any nasty future surprises if you make an offer.

Be realistic with your expectations

While it’s important to confirm the home is fundamentally sound and sturdy, it’s also worth taking some time to evaluate what truly matters most in a potential house. In your viewings, you may come across some superficial damage or the odd dent and scratch. These are easily fixable and shouldn’t deter you from making an offer.

Come back for a second viewing

A good first impression is a great start when it comes to finding a new home. But no one expects you to decide within 30 minutes of seeing the inside of the place. Allow yourself at least one more viewing before you make any further decisions. You may even find some deal-breakers you hadn’t noticed the first time or a key feature that makes you realize you’ve found your perfect new home.